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Post 25 May 2016, 6:37 pm

It's been a while since I've been here and I'd like to come back and GM a game.

What I miss on the other websites is the ability to communicate in Gunboat through illegal moves.

The rules for this game:


Orders should be be written as outlined in the diplomacy manual, either in full such as: Army London - Holland or in short, such as: A Lon-Hol

As long as they written in this way you can capitalize anyway you want, such as: arMY londON - HollAND

You can also order illegal moves and they will be posted as long as there is a valid unit to move in the first spot. For example as long as you have a unit in London you could order A Lon-War or A Lon S A Par-Lon.

If you write an illegal order that does not follow the above rules it will not be included.

All validly written orders, including the illegal ones will be printed.

I was thinking

Spring due Monday 9:00PM PACIFIC Standard Time USA
Spring Retreats Tuesday 9:00PM PACIFIC Standard Time USA
Fall Wednesday 9:00PM PACIFIC Standard Time USA
Fall Retreats Thursday 9:00PM PACIFIC Standard Time USA
Winter Builds Friday 9:00PM PACIFIC Standard Time USA

Amy interest in this?
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Post 09 Jun 2016, 1:22 pm

Yes. But I think you should have people contact you via email if they have interest to keep identities secret.