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Post 13 Sep 2015, 11:37 am

I am seeking participants in a small tournament featuring my 1936 variant.

1936 is a seven-player Diplomacy variant set in the mid-thirties – at a time when the precarious order established after the Great War was increasingly undermined and finally destroyed.

Next to the seven great powers vying for influence, the two main factions in the Spanish Civil War – the Nationalists and Republicans are playable. Nationalist Spain is controlled by its main sponsor – Italy, whereas the Soviet Union champions the cause of Republican Spain.

1936's rules are based upon those of Ambition & Empire, a variant designed by Jeff Kase and Baron Powell. As its most striking departure from Standard Diplomacy, the latter first featured armed neutrals whose actions players may secretly influence by bidding Diplomacy Points (DPs).

For the full rules and the maps, check out

The initial round will involve two boards, i.e. 14 players in total. Six of these participants will progress to the finals board. In brief, this will be about as small a tournament as can be.

Naturally no player has to commit to playing in the finals. It's purely optional.

Adjucations will generally be published on fixed weekdays. Say moves each Tuesday and retreats/adjustments each Thursday.

To date, there have been five playtests. I think it's fair to say that the variant has been very well received. Everyone from the last game very much liked it and wants to play again. Since these games are also playtests (since you never know whether there will be any future changes), I ask players to CC me on negotiations so I can better assess what's happening and notify players whenever they get something wrong about the variant.

This play-by-email tournament will take place under the umbrella of So players should sign up as members (it's short and painless).

I am looking for players who enjoy the give and take of negotiations, who are willing to devote the time to play well, and who see things through from start to finish. If you are interested in playing, serving as a stand-by, or observing, please contact me at cfeaux at gmail dot com.

I hope I've posted this in the right place...
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Post 16 Sep 2015, 2:55 pm

This may be the best place for your advertisement. Happy to support the hobby in anyway we can.

I hope you fill your game soon!