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Post 18 Nov 2014, 10:56 am

A new NWO game is upon us, and this time I'll be GMing it. For those who played previously, some of the rules have changed. These changes are shown here. If you are interested in joining, please let me know by posting here or emailing me (sendric [at] gmail [dot] com). I'm looking to fill somewhere around 40-42 nations, but this number is flexible, so don't be shy. If you have a preference for country type or size, feel free to specify. I cannot guarantee placement, but those who sign up first are more likely to get what they want.

And now for the rules:


Standard Diplomacy rules apply unless contradicted below.

The Map:

Wrap-around world map

Arrows indicate those areas that are split and straddle both the east and west sides of the map. Units can be placed on either side of the map, so pay attention!

Multiple-coast territories, land bridges and canals work the same way as in the standard map.

Island territories are sea zones with pieces of land within them (ex. Diego Garcia, New Caledonia). These territories can be occupied by any unit. Fleets can occupy the zone and convoy through it. Note that these territories differ from actual islands (ex. Jamaica, Madagascar, Taiwan), which you cannot convoy through.

The North Pole and South Pole territories can be occupied. Fleets cannot remain in the territory during the autumn/winter season. If the fleet has not exited the pole by the end of the fall turn, it will be forced to retreat back to the space it entered from. If that space is occupied, the fleet is disbanded. Wings may remain in the territory through the winter season.

Some neutral supply centers may start with a “garrison” unit. This unit behaves as would an army in civil disorder in a standard game. It requires support to dislodge, it may receive support and if dislodged, it retreats off the board.

If you are unsure, ask the GM!


NWO uses chaos build procedures. Builds may be made on any owned and unoccupied center.

Default builds will be used in the event of a missed build. The default units are assumed to be armies except for the following powers who will default to fleets: Cuba, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Australia.

Players may change their default build to army, fleet or banked build at any time by notifying the GM.

Default builds will be made in the first available city by alphabetical order. In the case of fleet defaults, all available ports alphabetically, then armies in non-port centers should no ports be available.

Default retreats will be made in order to:

    1) Owned SC

    2) Neutral supply center

    3) Foreign supply center

    4) Closest space to any owned supply center

Any ties above will be decided alphabetically

Default disbands will be made in this order:

Unit furthest from any owned center.

If two or more units are equidistant from an owned center:

    1) The unit closer to fewer votes, regardless of ownership

    2) The unit closer to fewer centers, regardless of ownership

If still tied after #2, the units will be removed in alphabetical order.

End Game Procedures:

The game begins during the winter of 2010. The game ends with a three-power coalition winning a UN vote.

How to earn votes:

Each star on the map designates one vote. Stars also count as a supply center.

Gold stars: Capital cities are designated by a gold star.

This vote is passed only upon the elimination of that capital’s original player. For example, if Mexico has lost all of its centers except for one in Galapagos, the Mexican player still retains their vote. The power that controls Mexico City does not get an extra vote in the UN until after Mexico is eliminated from the game.

Red stars: Unowned/neutral at the beginning of the game. The power that controls the star during the winter phase controls the vote.

White stars: These stars have been nuked. They count as votes but do not count as a supply centre.

White stars will be partially coloured with either gold or red to indicate whether their vote transfers upon capturing. White-gold indicated a capital city whose vote does not yet transfer; white-red indicated a vote that transfers.

Coalition nominations:

From Winter 2020 and onwards (9 full game years into the game), each power can nominate a coalition of three powers for victory.

Nominations are secret. The GM will post all coalitions nominated along with winter results.

Each power is assigned a “power classification” from “A” to “E”. This classification is based on initial size of the power.

Powers with a higher classification will need more votes to win.

Proposed coalitions will require a number of votes based on the combination of classifications in the coalition.

When a coalition receives the number of votes required, the game is over and that trio splits the win evenly.

Should more than one trio have enough votes to end the game the following tie breaker will be used:

    a) The Coalition that has won by the largest margin more than required.
    b) The Coalition owning the most supply centers combined.
    c) The Coalition holding the most UN votes between themselves,
    d) The Coalition with the FEWEST nukes on the map plus nukes in production plus banked credits,
    e) The Coalition nominated first,


Each player votes on all coalitions. Abstentions are not permitted, they are simply counted and posted as “no” votes.

Players can vote yes or no to any number of proposals. All of the player’s votes are allocated to all coalitions to which the player voted yes. Players cannot allocate partial amounts of votes to a coalition, it is all or nothing.

Votes are public and will be posted along with the spring results.

Failure to vote in Winter 2020 and 2021 will be considered a no vote to all coalitions. From Winter 2022 and onwards, failure to vote will be considered a yes vote to all coalitions.

Nuclear Units:

Nukes are powerful, single-use units that destroy any supply center or unit in the target province or sea zone. A nuked star retains its vote value but loses its supply center status.

From the start of the game, only selected powers can build nukes. The powers are listed below, along with the starting range:

Starting ranges:

    USA = Unlimited range

    Russia = Unlimited range

    United Kingdom = 5 Spaces

    France = 5 Spaces

    China = 7 Spaces

    North Korea = 3 Spaces

    Israel = 3 Spaces

    Pakistan = 3 Spaces

    India = 3 spaces

Nuclear technology can be traded. A power that acquires nuclear technology through a trade starts with a range of 3.

Recipient nations can offer anything and sending nations can demand anything for the technology, provided it meets the rules of the game. While a power could offer a supply center uncontested, which is a legal move, they cannot ask the GM to switch control of the supply center, as this would not be a legal move. Other options include trading banked credits, offering military or diplomatic support or agreeing to vote for various coalitions.

When these secrets are traded to another, news that a nation received nuclear technology and the name of the donor will become public.

Trading nuclear technology occurs with the spring season.

Both the sending and receiving nations must order the trade to occur (you can’t trade nuclear secrets unless both people show up to the meeting!).

Each donor nation can only make one trade year.

Banked Credits, Building Nukes and Nuke Range:

Banked credits are earned by passing on a build.

Banked credits can be traded, spent to increase nuclear range, or later spent to fast-track a nuke build.

Trades of banked credits can only occur in the spring season.

Only the sending nation needs to indicate the trade in their orders.

Building a nuke can be done in two ways:

    1 – Issuing a build nuke order for two consecutive winter seasons.

    2 – Spending a previously-earned banked credit to fast-track a nuke build.

Powers increase nuclear range by spending a banked credit, either one that they created or one that they received in a trade. Powers can pass a build and immediately spend that credit on increasing range. Note: this is the only action which can be immediately done upon passing on a build.

Nuclear Unit Movement:

Nukes may be moved from the place where they are built.

Nukes may move or be convoyed just as an army would move.

Nukes have zero offensive power when moving and may not be supported (either moving or holding).

Nukes also have a defensive power of 0, and as they may not be supported, can be dislodged by any attacking force. Nukes may be convoyed. Movement orders are done the same as any other units.

Firing nukes at a target should be designated with one or more “!”.


Nuke strikes occur after Hidden Unit movements but before all other orders are adjudicated. See new rules below.

Any units struck by nuke attack are immediately removed before other orders are followed. Any orders made by such units are void.

A nuclear strike renders the target territory impassable for the duration of the season.

Wing Units:

Wings, or airplane units, are built, moved and destroyed in the same manner as armies and fleets, with the following exceptions:

Wings may fly over land, water, the north and south poles, and over impassable areas such as the Himalayas and the Caspian Sea.

Wings may attack and support attacks but they may not take “control” of a supply center.

Should a wing unit occupy an enemy supply centre during a fall season, that SC is under “bombardment”. While ownership does not pass, the controlling power loses unit support a center provides until the wing unit leaves. UN voting rights are not affected by the bombardment, only support to other units is temporarily lost.

Wings may airlift armies or nukes. This is similar to a fleet’s convoy order.

Wings and fleets may combine airlifts and convoys, just as you could combine multiple fleets into a single convoy.

Writing Orders:

When writing your orders, please include the following information in the headline:

    1) Game Name or Abbreviation (ie GotWD)
    2) Your country
    3) Season/year
    4) Version number if applicable

For example:

GotWD China Spring 2010


GotWD China Spring 2010 v2 (for second set of orders)

By following this procedure, your orders are far more likely to be seen by the GM. If you simply reply to an email sent by the GM, it may get lost in a slew of other emails. As GM, I will attempt to reply to all orders with a “Received” message. I cannot guarantee that this will happen with each and every set of orders, but if you do not receive such an email, I encourage you to resend your orders with a new headline.

Adjudication Schedule:

The deadline for movement phases (Spring and Fall) will be on Tuesdays at noon eastern time. Currently, the eastern time zone is UTC-5.

The deadline for any retreats phase will be on Wednesdays at noon eastern time.

The deadline for any adjustments phase will be on Thursdays at noon eastern time regardless of whether there was a retreats phase.

Deadline times for retreats and adjustments may be flexed if there are any major delays in the adjudication of the movement phase or if corrections are needed.

Adjudication Error Correction Rules:

Each player has until the next adjudication or 48 hours, whichever comes first, to point out any errors on the map or country charts. Any errors not pointed out in that time frame become permanent.
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Post 18 Nov 2014, 11:01 am

Changes to NWO:

    1) The pirate nations introduced in the last round have been removed.
    2) An additional voting center has been added in Iceland.
    3) An additional supply center has been added in the south Pacific.
    4) The voting season starts one year later (after 9 years).
    5) Special “Hidden Units” added. See rules below.

Hidden Units

There are three kinds of Hidden Units. They are Terrorist, Pirate, and CTU.

Somewhere between 4 and 8 E-grade nations will have the control of one of either a terrorist or pirate chosen (randomly?) by the GM. The exact number and identities of these will remain secret. Any Non E-grade nation may build a CTU during the course of play.

If a nuke hits a territory containing a Hidden Unit, that unit is destroyed. If a pirate/terrorist unit is destroyed, it takes two years to reform the unit, which will spawn in the winter following those two years.

If the controlling nation of a pirate or terrorist unit is eliminated, the Hidden Unit remains on the board, but once destroyed does not re-spawn.

Terrorist Units:

A terrorist unit takes two years to form. Starting in the second winter following the start of the game (Winter 2012), the controlling nation may choose any location around the world to spawn its terrorist unit. It’s spawn point is hidden, and the unit will not be shown on the map. When placing the unit, keep in mind it cannot be convoyed or airlifted, and once chosen, the spawn point cannot be changed. If the controlling nation chooses, it may wait additional years before placing its terrorist unit. While moving, a terrorist unit may share a territory with any other unit.

Each year, a terrorist unit can choose to move up to two times (once per season). Instead of one of the moves, the unit instead choose to take one of the following actions:

1) Plant Bomb – If your terrorist unit is located within a supply center (owned or otherwise), it may choose to plant a bomb. Doing so requires two full seasons (spring/fall or fall/spring). At the end of the two seasons, the bomb is planted and may be discharged at any time. When the bomb is discharged, it temporarily places the “bombardment” designation on the city, and destroys any nukes contained in the city. The bombardment designation remains for two years. It can be removed sooner by moving a unit into the city or by spending a build or BB during a winter phase.

2) Place IEDs – If your terrorist unit is located in a non-SC territory it may place IED’s. This effort takes one season. Once placed, any armies crossing the border into that territory are destroyed, even if they are supported. If an army is destroyed as a result of an IED, it occurs immediately prior to the movement adjudication (i.e. the army is destroyed without being considered to have moved there at all). If multiple armies are ordered to a territory containing an IED, they are all destroyed. Once expended, the IED’s are gone.

Pirate Units:

A pirate unit takes two years to form. Starting in the second winter following the start of the game (Winter 2012), the controlling nation may choose any ocean space within the ocean your nation borders. For example, if Nigeria has a pirate, he can choose any location in the Atlantic. Indonesia would have the luxury of either the Pacific or Indian. Once chose, the spawn point cannot be changed. The pirate unit will spawn the following winter, but will not be shown on the map. It may share a sea zone with any other unit.

Each year, this unit has the option of moving up to two times (once per season) as normal. Instead of one of these moves, the unit may instead choose to take one of the following actions:

1) Attack – Attack any one fleet either in the space you occupy or a neighboring sea zone. The pirate unit attacks with a strength of 2, and any unit it defeats is sunk. The attack takes place before any movement, so a targeted unit ordered to move can be destroyed before it gets a chance to move. A pirate attack cannot be supported.

2) Raid – Raid a coastal or island city neighboring the sea zone your pirate unit is in. Raiding a city results in the same effect as a bombarded city (see: Wings). Cities containing an army, fleet or wing cannot be targeted. The bombardment designation remains for two years. It can be removed sooner by moving a unit into the city or by spending a build or BB during a winter phase.

In both cases, the pirate unit retreats back to its previous space at the end of the turn. Pirate units cannot attack/raid twice in the same year. In order for a pirate unit to be destroyed in a nuclear strike, the space it attacks from (and subsequently retreats to) must be targeted.

Counter-Terrorism Units (CTU’s):

Any non-E nation may build counter-terrorism units in any owned city. These units are placed secretly, and may be ordered to move. They may share an occupied space with other units. They may move freely through both land and sea zones, but not through impassable zones or either of the poles.

A CTU which enters a space where a pirate/terrorist is attempting to use one of its special abilities thwarts that activity and captures the unit. This results in the unit being disbanded and reveals to the player controlling the CTU which nation was controlling the pirate/terrorist. CTU’s may also capture these units that are not partaking in special activity if a wing unit has identified its location in the same turn. Only the player owning the CTU will be notified of the ownership of the pirate/terrorist.

In addition, CTU’s entering a territory containing IED’s automatically detect and disable them. This effort takes place prior to movement phase, saving any units moving in that season.

CTU’s may be disbanded during any winter phase regardless of adjustment count. A disbanded CTU is automatically turned into a BB. Disbanding a CTU in this manner does not allow the owning nation to rebuild it as another unit.

Wing Reconnaissance:

Wings automatically detect the location of pirates and terrorists, and their location is confirmed only to the player controlling the wing. On land/coastal territories, they can detect terrorist units in the area they occupy and in any neighboring land/coastal territory. At sea, they can locate pirates in the sea zone they occupy. Wings can be ordered to destroy these units by using the command "D", and specifying which unit is being targeted. This order is used in lieu of a normal move or other order. The wing must be able to see the targeted unit at the beginning of the season. If the wing is able to end its turn in the same space as the Hidden Unit, the wing destroys it.* Wings cannot determine ownership of a terrorist or pirate unit.

*In the event that the targeted unit moves or begins the turn one space away, the wing attempts to follow it to the new territory. If another unit is already there, or the wing bounces with another unit entering the same territory, the attempt fails. If the unit has moved to a position two spaces away, the wing instead attempts to move into the space the Hidden Unit previously occupied. Note that only the initially targeted unit is destroyed. If another Hidden Unit happens to move into the space, the wing detects it but does not destroy it.

Compensation for non-controlling E-Nations:

1 additional secret UN vote. This is a separate vote that may be used or not for any coalition regardless of which coalition your other votes are used for, if any.

Order of Adjudication:

    1) Hidden Unit movement and attacks.
    2) Terrorist bombs discharge.
    3) Nuclear strikes.
    4) IEDs discharge*
    5) All other troop movement.
*IEDs discharge based on the orders received for the standard units.
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Post 18 Nov 2014, 11:10 am

The rules and map are also posted on my own site. I will be posting all maps there in addition to sending out the maps via email so those who simply wish to follow along can go there:
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Post 21 Nov 2014, 5:01 pm

This thread is for recruiting. Post here if you wish to play.

If you are looking for the discussion about the rules, it has been moved to the Variant Lab forums:
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Post 24 Nov 2014, 11:44 pm

NWO alright! I'm in.
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Post 25 Nov 2014, 7:07 am

Tiresias wrote:NWO alright! I'm in.

Sweet! What's your email address? If you prefer, you can email it to me directly (sendric [at] gmail [dot] com)
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Post 26 Nov 2014, 6:32 am

RUFFHAUS 8 wrote:I will play, Sendric. I probably have a big ass target on my back after the last game, but it's a new world order, right?

Thanks, Ruff! I won't be playing in it, so that's one less person looking to grab some revenge. :)
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Post 28 Nov 2014, 10:21 am

I'll play
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Post 30 Nov 2014, 6:30 am

tiresiasrsdip at gmail dot com
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Post 01 Dec 2014, 7:38 am

We're about half way through sign-ups now. Tell your friends. Here's the list so far:

Fred Olowin
Stephan Dijkhof
Rob Goodwin
Steve Tedesco
Dag Hammarsjkold
Dario Rosenstock
Gareth Elms
Dave Sullivan
David Ling
Rob Draniczarek
Matthew Shields
Alexander Vlk
George Janes
Douple Capitals
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Post 01 Dec 2014, 9:02 am

Perhaps send out another email to the players in the last game who haven't signed up yet ? I can think of one or two who you'd think would be interested. Perhaps they haven't seen the signup notice.
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Post 01 Dec 2014, 9:09 am

Sassenach wrote:Perhaps send out another email to the players in the last game who haven't signed up yet ? I can think of one or two who you'd think would be interested. Perhaps they haven't seen the signup notice.

I sent out some individual emails last week, but only heard back from one of them. There are definitely several players from the last round I would expect to sign up, but so far they haven't responded.
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Post 16 Dec 2014, 3:09 pm

I'm interested if there's still room! I've played diplomacy before, but this would be my first go at NWO.
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Post 16 Dec 2014, 3:57 pm

There should still be plenty of room. NWO is very different to other Dip variants so be prepared for that, but it's a huge amount of fun if you can manage to survive through the early rounds. Leave your email so that Sendric can add you to the list.
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Post 17 Dec 2014, 7:09 am

nuraxi wrote:I'm interested if there's still room! I've played diplomacy before, but this would be my first go at NWO.

Added you to the list. I'm targeting end of January to start this game. Thanks for your interest!