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Post 31 Mar 2014, 6:34 pm

Game Name: Hellas Bellus

GM: George Atkins

Hellas Bellus Start.jpg

Most of the ancient Greeks were not interested in creating any kind of United States of Hellas. When they did unite, it was temporary and small-scaled. There were the occasional regional “alliances”, such as the Delian League, the Peloponnesian League, the Arcadian League, and the Theban Peewee Football League. But it took outsiders – the Macedonians – to bring the Greek city states under a single government. And boy, were the Greeks happy about that!

This variant takes place sometime in the 5th century BC. You, as leader of one of the seven regions, have a chance to bring the Greek city-states under your just and honorable subjugation. However, you may also wind up squirming under the heavy sandal of one of your fellow tyrants. Which side of the sandal will you be?

Game Type: Variant (Age of Pericles)

The Age of Pericles variant was created by veteran Redscape member Minister X, well-known here for his game variants and artistic maps. This particular variant was ported to the mapping and adjudication program RealPolitik (“RP”), which is what I will use to help with adjudications and building maps. Don’t worry, though. I’ll still be going over orders by hand, if that’s any comfort. Note: The actual game map looks even better than the reduced image I had to create to post on the forum.

Players: 7 (Messenia, Laconia, Attica, Arcolia, Beotia, Aetolia, Elia)

Power assignments: Random.

Maps: I will provide them for each phase.

House Rules:
We follow standard Diplomacy rules, with the addition of the Redscape House Rules to cover procedural issues. The House Rules can be accessed by this link:

Special Variant Rules:
Builds are only in home centers. The map contains two inset map segments at the bottom, extending the sea zones and supply centers. Sea zones in the two insets are lettered ‘A’, ‘B’,’C’, and ’D’, as are all of the border sea zones on the main map. To move between a sea zone on the main map and one of the inset maps, a fleet must traverse seas with the same letter (e.g. Ithaca Sinus [A] to Mare Adriaticum [A]). That is the only purpose for the letters.

Other Terrain Issues:

Corinth is a canal for fleets, treated like Kiel and Constantinople in Standard.

Epidaurus, Iria, and Megara have dual coast lines, just like Spain and Bulgaria. Be sure to note them in your orders!

Abydus-Byzantium and Rhegium-Sicily function as land bridges, just like Denmark-Sweden.

We will start the game with one-week deadlines. However, if all orders are marked FINAL, we can move the seasons along more quickly.

Orders: Monday 8 PM Central Time

Retreats: Tuesday 8 PM Central Time

Adjustments: Wednesday, 8 PM Central Time

Victory conditions:
20 of the 39 supply centers are needed to win. DIAS proposals are allowed starting in game year 6. Votes must be unanimous.

GM Communications:
The GM will conduct all discussions through email and the game forum (after it gets created).

Player Communications:
All correspondence (questions, orders, etc.) with the GM must be through email or the game forum. Player-to-Player communications are normally conducted through email and the game forum. However, if players wish to employ other forms of communication, they are free to do so, including the game forum on Redscape.

Player Etiquette:
The game forum is a great place to conduct public discussions, spread rumors, and chide your opponents. However, I will not permit personal (i.e. ad hominem) attacks of any kind. This is just a game!! See the House Rules for more details.

How to sign up:
Reply to this post with your name and email address (which can be parsed as you like, so as long as I can tell what it should be). Any Redscape member is eligible. However, I will give preference to newer Redscape members first! I consider anybody a newer member who has registered here since 2011.

Once we have the 7 players, I will email them to confirm their participation. The game will officially start the following Monday, or sooner, if it works out better. If I get more than 7 players, I will ask extras if they are interested in standby status to fill in should a player drop out.

Writing Orders:
It is common practice in Standard Dip to abbreviate location names. In this variant, however, the Latinized Greek names might make abbreviations hazardous. If you are not using RP to build your orders, please write your orders as clearly and with as much specificity as possible. Remember: ambiguous orders (i.e. I cannot tell what you intend to do or where), result in the unit(s) holding.

First Year NMRs:
Any player who fails to send orders in spring or fall of the first year will immediately be dropped and replaced. The spring and/or fall season will then be properly adjudicated and the game will continue.

Keep in mind that, as the GM, you may look upon me as Zeus, reigning supreme over this world. If there is any issue not resolved by an existing rule, I will adjudicate it in as objective a manner as possible. In the end, the final word is mine. Beware my thunder!

ἴθι εὐτθχής! (Good luck!)
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Post 27 May 2014, 12:48 pm

*bump* any takers?
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Post 27 May 2014, 2:35 pm

Mark Cryer
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Post 30 Jun 2014, 6:50 pm

TIme's up. The game opening is canceled. Look for newer proposals very soon.

This space for rent.