I found the results for Dixiecon at PlayDiplomacy:

7th (tie): Brian Sheldon & David Miller (320 pts)
6th: Peter Yeargin (324 pts)
5th: Timothy Richardson (328 pts)
4th: Joseph Wheeler (336 pts)
3rd: Hudson Defoe (360 pts)
2nd: Tom Kobrin (372 pts)
1st: Andy Bartalone (464 pts)

Best Countries #DixieCon31
Russia: Chris Martin (3-way 12 centers)
Turkey: Tom Kobrin (3-way 17 centers)
Germany: Tom Kobrin (3-way 11 centers)
Italy: Hudson Defoe (3-way 14 centers)
Austria David Miller (3-way 11 centers)
England Andy Bartalone (Win)
France Hudson Defoe (3-way 11 centers)

If anyone knows where to get write-ups on this Dip only con, please link.