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Post 21 Mar 2017, 9:03 am

Played the first game with the boys in my house. Loved the track, the cards, the card sleeves (Great idea, btw), and the size of all of the components except for one. The game pieces that came with the game are too large for the board.

Luckily I have the game Formula D and the pieces are perfect. I have enclosed pics to show the difference.
CFR Pieces
Formula D Pieces
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Post 21 Mar 2017, 1:56 pm

Played a couple rounds of mine. It's fine but yeah the piece issue sucks, and Sloterp, I wish mine had been delayed. The UPS guy threw my copy over the fence into my yard, which got the box lid wet :upset:

Editing: Interesting in talking to Doug and doing some testing, the issue seems to less be peice size and more that the Tracks with the exception of Monaco got miss scaled. On Monoco, the cars fit preety well within the spaces(with the exception of the back wing tip, which other cars can sneak their front under), but on other tracks it can be preety bad. Hopefully thats a fixible thing in future expansions.