Proposed rule for mis-plots:

If the plotted speed exceeds a vehicles capabilities (e.g. +40 over Acc, Start,, or Top speed), the vehicle will be re-plotted at the previous turn's speed.

We don't have to worry about exceeding deceleration limits as that is taken care of with the braking chart.

This came up after Tim's mis-plot in T20 of the Spa race. We don't have a rule for this situation so I just bumped the car down to it's capabilities (RM discretion). Another driver mentioned the above rule exists for live play and it seems to be in line with the Redscape House Rules approach to NPR's. It is rather harsh, which I'm ok with, but if you have any alternatives in mind, please chime in.

This rule would not take effect until season 2. FYI, I do try to catch mis-plots and notify the driver - in Tim's case, I just flat out missed it!