We say goodbye to Germany this year. Thanks for playing.

Elsewhere, big gains for both England and Turkey as the corner powers race towards the middle of the board.....


A Warsaw - Galicia
A Vienna supports A Trieste - Budapest
A Trieste - Budapest
A Venice - Albania
F Adriatic convoys A Venice - Albania
F Apulia - Ionian Sea (*fails*)


F North Africa - Tunis
F Mid-Atlantic - Spain(sc)
F English Channel - Mid-Atlantic
F Holland - Belgium
A Belgium - Ruhr
A Norway - StP
F Gulf of Bothnia supports A Norway - StP
F Kiel holds
A Prussia - Livonia
F North Sea - English Channel


A Piedmont - Tyrolia
A Ruhr - Munich
A Burgundy supports A Ruhr - Munich
F West Med supports F North Africa - Tunis


A Bohemia - Munich (*fails*)
A Sevastopol supports A Moscow (*dislodged*)


F Naples - Apulia (*fails*)
A Rome - Venice
A Tuscany supports A Rome - Venice
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunis (*fails*)


A Moscow holds
F Black Sea - Sevastopol
A Rumania supports F Black Sea - Sevastopol
A Bulgaria - Serbia
A Greece supports A Bulgaria - Serbia
F East Med - Aegean Sea
F Ionian Sea - Adriatic (*fails*)

Adjustments are as follows:

Austria -3
England +4 (only 3 builds possible)
France -1
Italy Even
Turkey +2

Winter 1905 adjustments due Wednesday, October 22 at 7 PM Eastern