We have a far-flung German battalion attempting to hold on in Sevastopol and three successful convoys across the board, two by England and one, a two-fleeter, by Turkey into Greece.

No retreats.

Fall 1905 orders are due Tuesday, October 21 at 7 PM Eastern time.

Here are the full results:


A Warsaw - Livonia
A Galicia - Warsaw
A Vienna - Bohemia (*bounce*)
A Venice - Rome (*fails*)
F Adriatic Sea - Venice (*bounce*)
F Apulia - Naples (*fails*)
A Serbia - Trieste


A Edinburgh - Norway
F North Sea convoys A Edinburgh - Norway
A London - Belgium
F English Channel convoys A London - Belgium
F Holland supports A London - Belgium
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - North Africa
F Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Helgoland Bight - Kiel
A Berlin - Prussia
F Baltic Sea - Gulf of Bothnia


A Belgium - Ruhr
A Paris - Burgundy
A Marseilles - Piedmont
F Spain(sc) - West Med


A Bohemia - Vienna (*bounce*)
A Ukraine - Sevastopol


A Piedmont - Tuscany
A Rome supports A Piedmont - Tuscany (*cut*)
F Naples holds
F Tyrrhenian Sea supports F Naples


A Moscow supports A Ukraine - Warsaw (*invalid*)
A Rumania holds
F Bulgaria(ec) - Black Sea
A Constantinople - Bulgaria
A Smyrna - Greece (*bounce*)
F East Med convoys A Smyrna - Greece
F Ionian Sea convoys A Smyrna - Greece