The Austrians officially retake Vienna, and it's a tough turn for the Czar overall.


A Budapest - Galicia
A Vienna - Trieste (*bounce*)
A Serbia - Trieste (*bounce*)
F Ionian Sea - Greece


A Norway - StP
F Barents Sea supports A Norway - StP
F Norwegian Sea - Norway
F North Sea - Denmark
A Belgium holds


A Picardy - Belgium (*fails*)
F Spain(sc) - West Med (*fails*)
A Gascony - Burgundy
A Marseilles - Piedmont
F Gulf of Lyon supports A Marseilles - Piedmont


A Holland - Kiel
F Sweden - Denmark (*fails*)
A Prussia - Livonia
A Munich holds
A Ruhr supports A Munich


A Tuscany - Naples
F Tyrrhenian Sea convoys A Tuscany - Naples
F West Med - NAO (*invalid order, unit holds*)
A Tyrolia supports A Bohemia - Munich


F Baltic Sea supports F North Sea - Denmark
A Warsaw - Prussia
A Bohemia - Munich (*fails*)
A Moscow supports F Sevastopol
A Ukraine supports F Sevastopol
F Sevastopol supports A Ukraine (*invalid order, unit holds*)


A Bulgaria holds
F Armenia - Sevastopol (*fails*)
F Black Sea supports F Armenia - Sevastopol
A Rumania supports F Armenia - Sevastopol

There are no retreats. Plenty of adjustments, though:

Austria +1
England +2
France Even
Germany Even
Italy Even
Russia -3
Turkey +1

Winter 1902 is due Thursday, September 11 at 7 PM Eastern.