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Post 28 Oct 2014, 8:58 am

Just one retreat this season, from Italy. Orders due tomorrow at noon eastern.

Movement results for Fall of 1905. (42ndP)

Austria: A Venetia Supports A Milan.
Austria: A Silesia - Bohemia (*Disbanded*).
Austria: A Galicia - Bohemia (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Tyrolia - Switzerland (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Rumania Supports A Ukraine - Sevastopol.

France: F Spain(ec) - Western Mediterranean (*Fails*).
France: A Burgundy - Switzerland (*Bounce*).
France: F Algeria Supports F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea.
France: A Southern Algeria - Tunisia (*Fails*).
France: A Piedmont - Rome.
France: A Switzerland - Milan (*Fails*).
France: F Mid Atlantic Ocean - Egypt (*Fails*).
France: F Gulf of Lyon Supports A Piedmont - Rome.
France: F Western Mediterranean - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*).

Germany: A Kiel - Livonia.
Germany: A Cologne - Munich.
Germany: A Berlin, no move received.
Germany: A Prussia Supports A Warsaw.
Germany: A Munich - Silesia.
Germany: A Alsace Supports A Burgundy - Switzerland.
Germany: A Warsaw Supports A Munich - Silesia.
Germany: A Norway Hold.
Germany: F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean.
Germany: F North Sea - Norwegian Sea.
Germany: F Baltic Sea Convoys A Kiel - Livonia.

Italy: F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*).
Italy: A Milan Supports A Tyrolia - Switzerland.
Italy: F Rome Supports F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Dislodged*).

Russia: A Armenia - Ankara (*Bounce*).
Russia: A Siberia Supports A Sevastopol.
Russia: A Moscow Supports A Warsaw.
Russia: A Sevastopol Supports A Moscow (*Cut*).

Turkey: F Egypt - Mid Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*).
Turkey: A Konya - Ankara (*Bounce*).
Turkey: A Palestine - Damascus.
Turkey: A Ukraine - Sevastopol (*Fails*).
Turkey: F Tripolitania Hold.
Turkey: F Ionian Sea Supports F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea.
Turkey: F Eastern Mediterranean Supports A Palestine - Damascus.

The following units were dislodged:

Italian F Rome can retreat to Naples or OTB.

Fall 1905 moves:

Fall 1905 results:
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Posts: 885
Joined: 24 Apr 2003, 6:31 am

Post 28 Oct 2014, 11:17 am

Retreat orders for Fall of 1905. (42ndP)

Italy: F Rome - Naples.

Winter orders due tomorrow at noon eastern.

Britain: 0 Supply centers, 0 Units: Builds 0 units.
Austria: 5 Supply centers, 4 Units: Builds 1 unit.
France: 10 Supply centers, 9 Units: Builds 1 unit.
Germany: 12 Supply centers, 11 Units: Builds 1 unit.
Italy: 2 Supply centers, 3 Units: Removes 1 unit.
Russia: 3 Supply centers, 4 Units: Builds 0 units.
Turkey: 7 Supply centers, 7 Units: Builds 0 units.

Autumn 1905 results: