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Post 14 Oct 2014, 10:01 am

Russian troops invade Turkish territory while nearby Turkish soldiers remain impassive. French units reclaim Switzerland, and German troops disguise themselves as Russians to gather aid in the conquest of Warsaw. We have two retreats which are due tomorrow at noon eastern.

Movement results for Fall of 1904. (42ndP)

Austria: A Bohemia - Munich (*Fails*).
Austria: A Galicia - Silesia (*Fails*).
Austria: A Tyrolia Supports A Bohemia - Munich.
Austria: A Warsaw - Moscow (*Dislodged*).
Austria: A Rumania Supports A Sevastopol.

France: F Gibraltar - Spain(ec).
France: A Burgundy - Switzerland.
France: A Marseilles Supports A Burgundy - Switzerland.
France: F Algeria - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Fails*).
France: A Southern Algeria - Algeria (*Fails*).
France: F Mid Atlantic Ocean - Morocco.
France: F English Channel - Mid Atlantic Ocean.
France: F Western Mediterranean - Gulf of Lyon (*Fails*).

Germany: A Cologne Supports A Munich.
Germany: A Prussia - Warsaw.
Germany: A Munich Supports A Burgundy - Switzerland (*Cut*).
Germany: A Alsace Supports A Burgundy - Switzerland.
Germany: A Silesia - Galicia (*Fails*).
Germany: A Norway Hold.
Germany: A Belgium - Denmark.
Germany: F Norwegian Sea Supports A Norway.
Germany: F North Sea Convoys A Belgium - Denmark.
Germany: F Baltic Sea Hold.

Italy: F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea.
Italy: A Milan Supports A Switzerland.
Italy: A Switzerland Supports A Bohemia - Munich (*Dislodged*).
Italy: F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Cut*).

Russia: A Armenia - Damascus.
Russia: A Livonia Supports A Prussia - Warsaw.
Russia: A Siberia - Sevastopol (*Fails*).
Russia: A Moscow Supports A Siberia - Sevastopol (*Cut*).

Turkey: F Egypt Hold.
Turkey: A Macedonia - Constantinople.
Turkey: F Constantinople - Aegean Sea.
Turkey: A Hejaz Hold.
Turkey: A Sevastopol Supports A Warsaw - Moscow (*Cut*).
Turkey: F Tripolitania Supports F Tunisia (*Ordered to Move*).
Turkey: F Ionian Sea Supports F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea.

The following units were dislodged:

Austrian A Warsaw can retreat to Ukraine.
Italian A Switzerland can retreat to Piedmont.

Fall 1904 Moves:

Fall 1904 Results:
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Post 16 Oct 2014, 6:17 am

Both units retreat off-the-board. Winter adjustments due tomorrow, Friday, at noon.

Autumn 1904 results: