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Post 07 Oct 2014, 9:08 am

In today's installment of 42nd Parallel, we have conflict around Europe. Germany invaded Silesia as well, but Austrian troops had already moved out to capture Warsaw. The Russian troops in Warsaw have been ousted, but not after preventing a Turkish invasion to the Ukraine. Fellow troops also managed to secure Moscow. Elsewhere, the French troops stationed in Switzerland have been annihilated by the Italians. Calls for revenge will be a hot topic for the French Prime Minister who also has to deal with the failings of his naval units to secure the Tyrrhenian Sea. Meanwhile, Turkish troops stationed in Egypt and Hejaz remain so enthralled with the nearby pyramids that they refuse to leave.

After all that, we have one retreat due tomorrow at noon eastern

Movement results for Spring of 1904. (42ndP)

Austria: A Silesia - Warsaw.
Austria: A Galicia Supports A Silesia - Warsaw.
Austria: A Vienna - Tyrolia.
Austria: A Budapest - Bohemia.
Austria: A Rumania - Ukraine (*Bounce*).

France: F Brest - Mid Atlantic Ocean.
France: A Burgundy - Switzerland (*Fails*).
France: A Marseilles Supports A Switzerland - Piedmont (*Cut*).
France: F Algeria - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*).
France: A Southern Algeria - Algeria (*Fails*).
France: A Switzerland - Piedmont (*Disbanded*).
France: F Mid Atlantic Ocean - Gibraltar.
France: F English Channel Hold.
France: F Western Mediterranean Supports F Algeria - Tyrrhenian Sea.

Germany: A Kiel - Prussia.
Germany: A Cologne Supports A Belgium.
Germany: A Berlin - Silesia.
Germany: A Munich Supports A Berlin - Silesia.
Germany: A Alsace Supports A Munich.
Germany: F Norway - Norwegian Sea.
Germany: A Sweden - Norway.
Germany: A Belgium Supports A Alsace.
Germany: F Skagerrak - North Sea.
Germany: F Baltic Sea Convoys A Kiel - Prussia.

Italy: F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea (*Bounce*).
Italy: A Piedmont - Switzerland.
Italy: A Milan Supports A Piedmont - Switzerland.
Italy: F Gulf of Lyon - Marseilles (*Fails*).

Russia: A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*).
Russia: A Livonia - Moscow.
Russia: A Siberia Supports A Livonia - Moscow.
Russia: A Warsaw - Ukraine (*Dislodged*).

Turkey: A Greece - Macedonia.
Turkey: F Egypt Supports A Hejaz.
Turkey: A Hejaz Supports F Egypt.
Turkey: A Sevastopol - Moscow (*Fails*).
Turkey: F Cyrenaica - Tripolitania.
Turkey: F Ionian Sea Supports F Tunisia - Tyrrhenian Sea.
Turkey: F Black Sea - Constantinople.

The following units were dislodged:

Russian A Warsaw can retreat to Livonia or OTB.

Spring 1904 moves:

Spring 1904 results:
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Post 07 Oct 2014, 9:37 am

Retreat orders for Spring of 1904. (42ndP)

Russia: A Warsaw - Livonia.

Fall 1904 orders are due next Tuesday, October 14th at noon eastern.

Summer 1904 results;