Movement results for Spring of 1900. (42ndP)

Britain: F Gibraltar - Morocco (*Bounce*).
Britain: F Edinburgh - Norwegian Sea.
Britain: F London - North Sea.
Britain: F Egypt - Cyrenaica.

Austria: A Vienna - Tyrolia (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Budapest - Galicia (*Bounce*).
Austria: A Trieste - Serbia.

France: F Brest - English Channel.
France: A Paris - Gascony.
France: A Marseilles - Spain.
France: A Algeria - Morocco (*Bounce*).

Germany: F Kiel - Denmark.
Germany: A Cologne - Belgium.
Germany: A Berlin - Kiel.
Germany: A Munich - Tyrolia (*Bounce*).

Italy: A Milan - Switzerland.
Italy: A Rome - Milan.
Italy: F Naples - Ionian Sea.

Russia: F St Petersburg(sc) - Gulf of Bothnia.
Russia: A Warsaw - Galicia (*Bounce*).
Russia: A Moscow - St Petersburg.
Russia: F Sevastopol - Rumania.

Turkey: A Constantinople - Macedonia.
Turkey: F Ankara - Black Sea.
Turkey: A Damascus - Konya.

Fall 1900 orders due next Tuesday (August 5th) at noon eastern.

Spring 1900 Moves:

Spring 1900 Results: