A Summit of the Great (and Somewhat-Great) Powers recently convened in Lucerne, Switzerland, partly out of concern for Switzerland's ambiguous position on neutrality and its open borders. There are strong factions within the Swiss Confederacy. Some see the open borders as a way to show their humanity and neutrality. Others see it as a deliberate weakening of national policy and a liability to Swiss security and nationality. Yet another faction would probably hope everybody just forget it exists.

In other news, the Arch-Duke was heard to lament the state of current affairs and disarray of the European Map. The British, however, offered consolation and hope, stating that he is more familiar with these affairs and will be glad to send an emissary to Vienna as soon as possible to help orient the Arch-Duke. And speaking of "orient", the Turkish Taffy, er, Sultan, has been seen wandering the halls, looking for somebody to talk with. "It's understandable," quipped the German ambassador while surveying the young members of the Fräulein Elsa Athletic Club during their evening stretches. "The Sultan seems to be looking to build a 10 Year Plan while the rest of us are still trying to figure out where the best fondue is served!"