Dateline: Karnak, Egypt: With the depredations and misery caused by the previous Pharaonic dynasty, a new dynasty has risen from the ashes of the former despot, whose very name has been erased from history. The new divine consort on Earth is Horus Mighty Bull, Arising in Thebes, He of the Two Ladies, Enduring in kingship like Re in heaven, Horus of Gold Powerful of strength, Sacred of appearance, Truth is the Ka of Re, Son of Ra, Thoth-Atkins, beautiful of forms, Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nubia, and 40 acres of prime real estate in Malibu. More informally, he is known as Pharaoh George and is out to put Egypt back on the map of Supreme Empires, along with the other Great Wannabes.

"I have issued our standard greeting to the great lords of other lands, asking them to submit now to the divine leadership and wisdom of the Egyptians, rather than waste their limited resources on unnecessary expenditures of materiel and people. After all, we do have the pyramids; and if you leave your razor in one overnight, it will get automatically sharpened like nobody's business!", announced Pharaoh George to a standing-room only crowd of paid-off retainers and family members.

"Actually, we are anxious to work with our neighbors towards a common, communal goal. Even now, teachers are spreading out throughout the world, teaching people how to walk like an Egyptian and talk like an Egyptian!"