Issue Four
The Aden Corsair
Nuclear Pirates!

(Caption: "'Nuke-ular.' It's pronounced 'nuke-ular'." - Homer Simpson, Captain of the Orange Laut nuclear weapons depot)

Bangkok (Reuters) - The world's worst fears came to pass this season as the Orang Laut pirate band, led by Pirate King Admiral Corncob, launched nuclear strikes against Vietnam. Orang Laut and Aden Revenant gained access to the technology last year, and now the Dread Pirate Roberts has joined them in the nuclear club. As these pirate groups operate outside of the standards expected of Nation states, it is unclear how they will handle the nuclear responsibility.

That said, it's worth pointing out that many more nukes were launched this season: By the USA, China, UK, Argentina, and Israel. We live in a nuclear world, and things are only going to keep heating up.

And now, Page 2:
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Mushroom Clouds over the Amazon

Quito (AFP) - South America saw its first nuclear weapons use this season, as Argentina unleashed its formidable arsenal upon troops from Ecuador and Brazil stationed in the Amazon. Stick with the Aden Corsair to bring you more news as the situation unfolds. [Editors note: We appreciate the loyal readers and willing contributors to the Corsair in South America!]

Israeli PM Steven "Moses" Tedesco to GM: "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Tel Aviv (AP) - For the third time since the Fire & Blood conflict began, Israel's units have been ordered by Prime Minister Tedesco, and while indications are that the moves were met with success, the God-like Deity known as the GM, "the one person who could turn your fleets into donkeys," has refused to update the maps to reflect the accurate movements of the Israeli Military. PM Tedesco had this to say, directly to the GM: "Though like the Pharaoh of old, your heart has been hardened, I again demand: LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Letter to the Editor:
[Editor's Note: This issue's Letter to the Editor is not so much a letter to the editor, but a message to President Assangio of Ecuador. We do want to note that the link below comes with a language warning. I have included a still shot as requested by the author within the text of his message.]

RUFFHAUS8 wrote:Hola Señor Editor Kalvin,

Por favor, please acceptthis editorial video clip as Argentina's response to Ecuador?


If the language is to graphic or it's too much effort to do the video, we feel that a still shot of Mr. Jackson's face with a caption asking "What does Marcellus Wallace look like?" would convey our feelings towards the Ecuadorian pig Sergio Assange as well.

Gracias, Señor!

El Presidente Randolph L Jackson

Dear El Presidente Jackson,

I hope I was able to represent your message appropriately. We do wonder, though - you have a Wing unit ...are those snakes I see on your planes?

The Editor

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