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Issue Two
The Aden Corsair


AFGHANISTAN (Reuters) - The uppance came for Pakistan as it was under fire from all sides this season. Aden Revenant, Egypt, Kazakhstan and China all moved in and the blockade of Karachi entered it's 7th month. Yeah, looks pretty bleak.

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Shameless OOC Plug: A new game of Ancient Mediterranean is now open on Redscape, run by yours truly. Check the announcement if you are interested!

Nukes for Sale: You're buying, Israel is selling. Email Israel and ask for Steve. Tell him Kal sent you for the current special: Nuke Tech in exchange for 1 Banked Build.

Villany in Western Europe!
Lyon (AFP) - Our Roving Reporter, Joe Biden, provided this view of the scene in Western Europe...
Germany-Italy-USA (ripoff).png

Canadians Invade Boston, Throw Tea Party
Boston (AP) - Canadian troops threw the strangest tea party last week as they seized Boston. It began with an admission and apology, and it's STILL GOING. The strangest admission had to do with Justin Bieber, who had his own apology to make...

Letter to the Editor:

SuperAnt wrote:Sir,

It is with great regret that I must inform you that I have contacted my attorneys about the potential infringement upon my intellectual property. That is, the use of humour in an antagonistic and potentially game-changing manner. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, I have patented this strategy in 192 countries around the world. This includes all accepted nation states with the exceptions of Papua New Guinea and Azerbaijan. As of the last time I checked, the Aden Corsair was not published in either of those two countries.

It is with the utmost sadness that I must request that you refrain from further publications.

The one person who can actually turn your fleets into donkeys

Dear one person who can actually turn my fleets into donkeys,

God, is that you? I'm not complaining, but I would not have expected to get a message from you via letter to the editor. God or GM, I have to say that turning my fleets into donkeys is terribly cruel. All those innocent donkeys drowning in the Indian Ocean? For Shame!

Anyway, it is with great regret that I must inform you that we at the Aden Corsair are not operating within the 194 countries you mention. It is with great regret that the editor admits he lives in an unregistered bellbouy in international waters, printing the Aden Corsair on a crappy old inkjet while sitting in his jammies. There, are you happy now?

In any event, we will not refrain from further publications - in fact, we will be more antagonistic and have already committed additional infringement on your intellectual property. Good day, sir!

The Editor

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