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Post 20 Mar 2014, 12:39 pm

(Reprint of the original issue sent via email.)

Issue One
The Aden Corsair

Aden Revenant Initiates Karachi Blockade!
KARACHI, PAKISTAN (Reuters) - After 2 years of Pakistani Treachery, the mysterious band of pirates known as Aden Revenant has initiated a blockade of the major port city of Karachi. The Leader of Aden Revenant declined to comment directly. Anonymous sources say the self-styled Grand Admiral Kal-shabab, more commonly known as "Cap'n Kal," viewed the operation as retaliation for Pakistan's recent actions in Oman and Yemen. People familiar with the Admiral say his goal was to keep the Pakistani fleet in port, which would allow his Revenant ships to operate freely in the area. We at the Aden Corsair watch with interest as this showdown develops.

Pakistani Ships leaving Port?

And now, Page 2:
[This Space for RENT. Send ad copy and payment of 1 banked build to Aden Revenant, 55 Pirate's Way, Diego Garcia. No refunds or exchanges, except those of nuclear technology. In which case, we would waive the banked build fee.]

France Under Fire!
PARIS (AFP) - The unfolding story in Western Europe is seeing French Positions being overrun by German, Italian, and American Troops. Our intrepid journalists report the following scene at a recent G8 meeting:

Chinese Hegemony in Africa?
KINSHASA (AP) - While the world was busy scratching their heads, wondering how the People's Republic of China acquired an African colony in the first place, Chinese soldiers were storming Central Africa with seeming reckless abandon. Now, two years into the conflict, it is rapidly becoming clear that China has no match on the continent. We at the Corsair wonder how long such an arrangement can continue. Will Africa stand up and fight? Or has China already won the war?

Letter to the Editor:

Apu from India wrote:Dear Editor –

Pirates are dumb.

Apu from India

Dear Apu,

We thank you for your letter and appreciate your willingness to keep an open mind.

The Editor

(If you'd like to contribute to the continued excellence of the Aden Corsair, we welcome your letters to the editor.)
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Post 20 Mar 2014, 5:56 pm

Where's the like button, where's the like button?!

Oh crap... did I just push that red button?
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Post 21 Mar 2014, 11:12 am

wow, an article that just keeps giving!
I read this when emailed the other day but must not have read it ALL, I just caught the end portion, from "Apu" in India, how'd I miss that before!?

Very well done (by a Dumb Pirate)