Orders as received
A Lon - Yor

F Eng-Mid (r Bre)
F Tun-Ion
F Mar H
A Gas-Bur
A Par s A Gas-Bur
A Pic s A Gas-Bur

A St.P to Mos
F Pru supports A Ber
A Bur to Mun
A Ruh supports A Bur to Mun
A Kie supports A Bur to Mun
A Ber supports A Bur to Mun
A Hol supports F Bel
F Nwg to Nth
F Bel supports F Nwg to Nth
A Yor to Lon
F Nao to Iri

Army TYL to VEN
Army MUN Supports Russian Army SIL to BER
Fleet NAP Supports French Fleet TUN to ION

Army Moscow - St.P
Army Silesia S (Italian) Army Munich
Army Vienna S Army Trieste
Army Trieste S (Turkish) Army Serbia - Albania

Army Albania-Apulia
Fleet Ionian convoys Army Albania-Apulia
Fleet Greece supports Fleet Ionian
Army Serbia-Albania
Army Bulgaria-Serbia
Fleet Rumania holds
Fleet Sevastapol supports Fleet Rumania
Army Armenia holds

Orders as adjudicated
F London - Yorkshire (*Fails*)

F English Channel - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Gascony - Burgundy
F Marseilles Hold
A Paris Supports A Gascony - Burgundy
A Picardy Supports A Gascony - Burgundy
F Tunis - Ionian Sea (*Fails*)

F Belgium Supports F Norwegian Sea - North Sea
A Berlin Supports A Burgundy - Munich
A Burgundy - Munich
A Holland Supports F Belgium
A Kiel Supports A Burgundy - Munich
F North Atlantic Ocean - Irish Sea
F Norwegian Sea - North Sea
F Prussia Supports A Berlin
A Ruhr Supports A Burgundy - Munich
A St Petersburg - Moscow (*Fails*)
A Yorkshire - London (*Fails*)

A Munich Supports A Silesia - Berlin (*Dislodged*)
F Naples Supports F Tunis - Ionian Sea
A Tyrolia - Venice

A Moscow - St Petersburg (*Fails*)
A Silesia Supports A Munich
A Trieste Supports A Serbia - Albania
A Vienna Supports A Trieste

A Albania - Apulia
A Armenia Hold
A Bulgaria - Serbia
F Greece Supports F Ionian Sea
F Ionian Sea Convoys A Albania - Apulia
F Rumania Hold
A Serbia - Albania
F Sevastopol Supports F Rumania

Autumn 1908 Retreats:
-Italian A Munich retreats to Tyrolia

England: Supp 1 Unit 1 Even
France: Supp 6 Unit 6 Even
Germany: Supp 11 Unit 11 Even
Italy: Supp 3 Unit 3 Even
Russia: Supp 5 Unit 4 Build 1
Turkey: Supp 8 Unit 8 Even

A DIAS has been proposed. Please submit your votes by the Spring 1909 deadline (5:00PM Monday, January 10th)