Compliments well deserved to Gm, and compliments to Italy for his detailed EOG; I will try to do the same next time. For this game I can only use my memory.
Very soon in the game I had to switch to survival mode, because Italy decided to cut Mar allowing Germany to enter Bur; I don't think it was a good idea, basically that single move made Germany the winner.
Many years after Turkey lost an opportunity to win: he took Tun (emptied the previous season). All my units were committed against Germany, his move made me disband, and allowed Germany to gain ground that would have otherwise been harder to take.
A final word on the "disbanded if not retreated) rule: I think it is to harsh.
The problem is not for the player who forgot to include retreat option, it is for the game who can be turned in favour of one of the other players, against his competitors.
When my Bur was disbanded Germany had only to walk in order to enter Par and Bre, and eventually won.
I think a default retreat would be better, or request for a retreat order to be payed by the culprit with a "fine" in his score.
Thanks again, hope to play with you again