I came on in 1904 for Italy getting caught between France and Turkey. In 1905, It appeared that Russia and Turkey made a deal to attack England and Turkey. This shortly put Russia in a chance to win. I think we had a chance to stop Russia when everyone got together to do it but our moves in Fall 1907 were way too conservative. I was actually drafting some moves but did not finish and by the time France suggested some it was too late to do anything. We ordered a two unit attack on Vienna and France supported me into Greece. But that was not the time to be conservative. I think we could have assumed that Russia was not going to protect Vienna, so France could have gone for it with one unit, I could have supported French Army Tyrolia-Venice, and we could have kept the Turkish army alive by supporting it into Greece (and if we did I would have gone for Bulgaria(sc). I had not finalized my thoughts but those were along the lines of what I was thinking and I clearly wanted to keep Turkey in the game because his units were on the front line. It was my fault for not suggesting at an earlier time while France clearly busy with RL was only able to suggest somewhat conventional moves at the last minute.

Anyway, I came into the came to help Mike because I know how hard it can be to fill vacancies on Redscape. He did a flawless job while I was playing. Wish we could have done a better job against Russia, but hats offs to him--he played flawlessly. Congrats!