A little bit of strangeness occurred at the end...

Dave claimed he could not be stopped from getting 18 centers. I didn't really check myself but Dave is the consummate professional so I assume he knows what he's talking about. Another player then broadcast a proposal to end the game in a Russian solo. I responded saying that you cannot vote a solo (only DIAS). I later relented and said "Fine - vote for a solo". Nobody voted so I asked for Fall orders. I received no orders from two players (I will not cite you for an NMR given the confusion) so at this point it was obvious that the game was coming to an end either via a painfully drawn out solo or apathy. I formally ended the game as a solo granted to Russia, bypassing the pain. The map below shows Dave with 18 centers (Dave did submit orders, placing the crucial fleet in Sweden).

Note the switch of ownership in Edinburg - Diarmaid submitted orders to bounce out Colin.

Congratulations Dave

I fully expect EOG's from everyone!