Similar to what I did for the old History forum, here I've C&Ped the "Table of Contents" for the old Redscape Philosophy forum. Not sure if it will be of interest or use to anyone. It's certainly not salvaging much, compared to the pages and pages of discussion that went on there. However, as with the History titles I compiled, perhaps someone may decide he'd like to revisit one of these topics at some point. In many cases, of course, it's impossible to guess from the title alone what sort of discussion followed. In other cases, the title is odd enough to wonder whether it's best that the discussion will soon be lost in the sands of time. :smile:

For anyone who is brave/bored/crazy enough to go gravedigging in the actual discussions indexed below, the old forum is still up at the time of this posting: LINK

Pragmatism: Is this Prison program okay?
Render Unto Caesar
Pretty funny
An Experiment in Nihilism
Christians Fasting During Ramadan
The Gospel of Prosperity
The Law of Gravity Created the Universe?
A Missionary Bound for Saudi Arabia!
Free Will
Who is the Leading Living English-Speaking Intellectual?
Protestant v. Catholic Theology
Why I Am Not A Christian
Pauline Pseudepigraphs & Dogma
The Reformation
Tyndale's Revolutionary Translation
MLK Sermon "Why I Oppose the War..."
Legalized Murder
Abstract Painting
Humans vs. Animals
Predator Drones
World's Oldest Porn
An Embarassment to Christianity...
IRAN and American Foreign Policy Outlook
Religion: The Root of All Evil?
Matthew 16:17-20 Primacy of Peter?
Luke 22:25-27
Safety Regulation ?
Past, present, or future
Wonders of Nature
Hayek vs. Keynes Rap
Death, Judgment, and Beyond
Isaiah 53
Religious exemption for the poor
Ephesians 6:10
Christian Anarchism
"Detachment" (as in Juries)
The Right of Property
Spiral Dynamics
The Conservative Bible Movement
Vick & Animal Rights
Was Jesus Judgmental?
Poll: GMChad
Evolution: Democrats vs. Republicans
Evolution vs. Creationism - hurt feelings
Are rights absolute (philosophy, not religion)?
Ekklesia vs Kuriakos
Poll: Theistic Evolution
The Myth of the Rule of Law
Torture Hypothetical
Poll: Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
New Atheists and Fundamentalism
None of the Above makes gains in American religion polling
Warming News of the Day & Bulgarian Hooker Shortages
The Ultimate Governing Authority
Democracy and Christianity
Holocaust denier reconciled by Pope Benedict
First Cause
Mind Kopf
Right to Life
Classical philosophy book club
Atheist Delusion
Technology, Combat, and Ethics
Online Suicide
The Descent of Man
How does Creationism account for Dinosaurs?
Poll: The Young Prefer McCain. I ask: "Why?"
Poll: Artificial Wombs and Abortion
Fall of Babylon
Bryan Magee Philosophical Discussions on Video
Lessons from the Joker
Individual vs. National Morality
Trusting Scientists
Brain Entrainment - has anyone tried it?
The Edge of Evolution
Missing Link
Scientology: The New Christianity?
Sabbath: The Concept of Rest
Evidence Against Evolution by Natural Selection?
Happiness: A Moral Obligation
Are you born religious?
Classical book club #1: Plato's Alcibiades I
Catholicism and Protestantism
Time Travelers Lament
Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens
An Example of Why Ethics Must Keep Pace with Science
Poll: What do you believe in?
Bishop says crazy stuff. A nation groans
Curse of the Red Sox
Christianity and the Culture of Food
Why You Should Read Eckhart Tolle....Immediately!
Space Expolration
The "rule of law"
The Founding Fathers and Presidents of the US on Religion
Taketh Literally? Taketh at all???
Global Warming Hypothetical
Is faith logically sustainable?
The Meaning of Life and Parallel Universes
The lady and the tiger
Poll: What is philosophy and is it useful?
Free Will
The Frankenstein Complex
Make What You Will Of These Factoids
Psalm 53
Poll: Legality vs. Morality
Poll: Is Humanity Doomed?
Donator or businessman?
Chastity & Charity
Mel Gibson's Apocalypto
Not Cool...
Writhe & Wrong
What is Your Spiritual Type?
Ethical Dillemna's thread
Ethical Dilemma: Utah Mining Incident
The Undeserving Poor
Home Schooling Pros and Cons
Wacky Dispensationalists
29+ Evidences for Macroevolution:The Scientific Case for ...
Market Populism, Libertarianism and related religions
Unamerican legal system
Sam Harris: An Atheist Manifesto
Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
What is rude?
Science Ends a Moral Dilemma
Religion & Medication
Ayn Rand: goddess of the godless
Social Responsibility
A question: Why do you have mass murders?
Buzzword: JudeoChristian
What EXACTLY is wrong with Hetman Cornellius?
One speech and Limbo's GONE!!!
Buzzword Bashing: JudeoChristian
Poll: R Video Games Fun? - Gold Farming
Confused about your faith? Consult the Belief-O-Matic!
National Security vs. Civil Liberties
Why EXACTLY is it wrong with being sexual?
An unexamined life is not worth living
Sola scriptura
The Fact of Life
Fun little quiz...
King Cinthia?
$1bn Bush campaign to "keep zipped up" flops
The case for teaching the Bible
Abortion through the eyes of an activist
A "correct" copy of the Bible
Poll: How religious were you then/are you now?
How to Protestants and other Christians explain...
A Defence of the Crusades
Teaching History
The State
Poll: Is it wrong
A Mockery Of Christianity :(
Empty Pews: Where Did All The Men Go?
Two Religious Jokes
Redscape Prayer Chain?
Outsourcing the Making of Babies?
The Star Trek Universe / Real World Parrallels
Dr. moreau please stand up
The Whore of Babylon
The State as an organization
It must be true - the survey says many believe it
St Paul and Doctrine
Removing relics vs. preserving history
Silly views are killing our faith
Scott Atran, Spandrels and the evolution of religion
Beauty And Brains Often Come Together
Logic & Morals
Humans Maladapted To Relationships In Modern Society?
Moral Courage
Why is shakespeare great?
A tour-de-force speach on therapists' responsibilities
How many slaves? How many kWh?
Poll: Ancient culture/Morality
God = Meaning?
New Source of Stem Cells: Amniotic Fluid
Messianic Prophecy and the Birth of Christ
Sectarian Ethics
Goth Teens and Self-Destruction
Jesus will return?
Self-Aware Elephants (?)
How to classify Mormonism
Free to Mistify, Manipulate, Misinterprete
Self Sacrifice for Community Health
Poll: Convict an innocent or acquit a criminal?
Poll: Fun with Identity
The Nineth Commandment and Stabs
Evolution, Science and Education
Is there any belief..that does not begin with faith?
Is there a moral obligation to God?
If God wants our worship...
Creationism = Paganism
Un-intelligent Design
What is Real?
O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
Define "Miracle"
"America the Virtuous"
Should Governments and their Agents be Accountable?
Who goes to Hell and why?
Poll: Are you a dispensationalist?
Return to pagan britain
Does Might make Right?
Peace without Truth
Culture and Cognition
Squirrels-the new hazard for Postal Workers?
The God Poll
What is property?
Reason and Islam
Integral Philosophy & Ken Wilber
Poll: Is free trade a religion or science?
I am not responsible for anything I did not willingly enter
Funny creationist quote
Fun WITH Church signs
Poll: Artifice, Sacrifice, and History
Godless = Meaningless?
Is Intelligence Heritable? Is Poverty Heritable?
Ken Wilber
What is Critical Thinking?
Fundamentalism (spin off thread)
The fraud of primative authenticity
Loosely Interpreted Arabic Terms Can Promote Enemy Ideology
Summer Reading, Anyone?
We will be able to live to 1,000
Tired of the same old Islamic excuses..
Irrefutable proof doesn't exist so quit your whining
Public Property and the "Proto-Police State"
Is Islam a Cult?
The (most recent?) human-chimp split
When Church becomes a business (funny)
Jesus' Resurrection
Apostolic succession
The Rationality of War
Is Intelligent Design science?
Atlas Shrugs his way into a theatre near you...
The Greatest Mystery (To You)
The appeal of sin and salvation
The Power of Prayer
A Tale of 3 Lights: Greater, Lesser and Dim
Life of Mohammad
"Darwinfish" found
Children: to breed or not to breed?
Another link in the evolutionary chain?
Exegesis: The Ending of Mark's Gospel
Scientology, anyone?
Encouraging evidence to support evolution . . .
Is Atheism a "Religion"
Christ on a postage stamp
Love and friendship
Virulent Fundamentalism
"Relativism" and Secular Values
This makes me sad
What is Art?
Fact: Intelligent Design is Not Science
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
Meppy Kwanahonasolmas!
Islamism through Democracy
Sentient vs. object?
Questions about I.D.
Religion in the wake of Katrina
Freedom of Speech or Mixing Religion with Politics?
Good God?
Eastern Religions
Psychology and morality of partisanship
Do-It-Yourself Deity and Other Logic Puzzles
There is no 'Homosexual Agenda?'
The Ethics of Investing...
Why Most Published Research Findings are False
Importance of Religion
My Theology
The Joy of Being Wrong...
A Conservative "Christian" Apology
The Semi-Pelagian Narrower Catechism
Stabbing in a Church
Being stoned in Canada...
Homosexuality and the Bible (two articles)
What is Good? What is Evil?
Basic Linear Algebra
Science and Philosophy on Time
Gay Marriage
Can one teach Philosophy?
Why Evolution is Threatening
A Fly
The Theology of Star Wars
How do you define sin?
What does Revelation say about the end times?
Whose Kingdom of Heaven?
Infant Baptism
The problem with many religious folk
Chick pamphlets
What makes up a person
Is property real?
Holy Spirit?
Poll: Who would you rather meet in a dark alley?....
Faith's Jurisdiction
Poll: Who takes the shot?
Belief Behind Atheism
Famous Atheist Now Believes in God
A Question For God
Does Evil Exist?
Get inside a head
What is Love?
US "Christmas" Stamps
Theodicy and the Problem of Tsunamis
Online Zen Stories
The Transcendent Unity of Religion
Are there evil people.
If God is real, he'd be in jail!
Was Jesus of Nazareth Born on December 25?
Pilgrim's Progress
Our Church Has AIDS
The Three Schools of Buddhism
Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?
Poll: Is Bush an Instrument of God?
The most influential philosopher alive
24/7 Prayer in Ibiza
Thanksgiving Is it at all International?
Explaination of God
Evolution and Christianity?
Economics and value
Atheism and agnosticism
Guess What? There is a Slippery Slope!
Curt Schilling?
Debate for the Intellectually and Philosophically Challenged
For those that believe in a god or gods...
Calling Audible, Forsaken Diety, Saxon & Foreign Ministe
Some Public Opinions
What is the point of religion?
Theodicy and the Problem of Evil
Redscape Bookclub Presents...Flatland by Edwin Abbott
Rape through the eyes of love
An Interview With Satan
Personal problems and what defines a christian
Genesis Questions
From Whence Came God?
New Cover photo
What Great Madness is this..?
Is it right to use condoms?
The Mark of the Beast
What profit hath a man of all his labour . . .
Salvation of the Young and Ignorant
Bible Translations
Purpose Driven Trademark Infringement?
Principles of Scriptural Interpretation
"Thou Shalt Not Kill"
Failure and Pascal's wager
A View of Atheism--Faith Required?