While it's not possible to transfer all the old threads over, I thought it might be interesting to at least copy the thread titles over from the old Redscape History forum. Maybe browsing them will give someone the notion to revisit one of these topics in a fresh discussion here.

    Poll: The War of Northern Aggression

    Neolithic Revolution and the Rise of "civilization&qu

    Justice or not, Nuremberg trials and beyond.

    The other achievement in 1969


    The Legends of the Jews

    Planned Invasion of Japan or Why the Bomb did Good

    Selma to Montgomery Marches

    WW2 through Facebook (thanks to mtodd for sharing)

    Mexican Repatriation

    Allende of Chile

    Might Makes Right

    Indisputable Evidence from Shroud of Jesus' Existence...

    7 Lessons from Byzantium

    JFK Murder Political Retribution

    Spanish Civil War

    The greatest American of the 20th century died on Sat.

    The Sun That Never Set

    The REAL History of Rome

    The World's Biggest What If: August 18, 1991

    Nice revolutionary war book ... excerpt included

    Levittown PA ga riot

    Irish Reform Schools

    Athenian Democracy

    Sumerian King List

    The Epic of Gilgamesh

    "Gladiator" was a documentary?!?!

    Valkyrie & Claus Von Cruise

    Poll: Best Pulitzer Non-Fiction

    Siege of Jerusalem 701 BC

    Worst War Crime

    Where would you make your mark?

    Battle of Lepanto

    Michàel Faraday's The History of the Celtic Empire

    Red Primer for Children and Diplomats

    Nikola Tesla

    Poll: Constitutional Sunsetting--An alternate history experiment


    Antwerp during WWII

    Manifesto of the 93 German Intellectuals

    The Gods of The Copybook Headings

    A Peace to end all peace

    Communism and Socialism

    Why Did the USA Leave Viet Nam?

    Poll: Greatest Generals of Antiquity

    The Most Traumatic Year in American History

    Spanish armada?

    The Greatest President America Never Had

    Real History

    The Mahdi and 9/11

    The Tower of Babel.

    Ancient Maps

    WWII - The Just War? or Did the US create the Cold War?

    A Short History of Byzantium

    Book Recommendations - Battle of Stalingrad

    Razzle dazzle

    Poll: Was Oswald a Patsy?


    The Iraqi Communist Party

    Happy Birthday, America

    Embarrassing Moments in History...

    I can't think of the name...

    History of holidays

    United Nations = League of Nations?

    Egypt's July Revolution

    Pigmalia's signature / location

    Legendary Bactrian gold-real Indiana Jones tale

    Who wrote Shakespeare's plays?

    Federalists and Republicans in the new Republic

    "Imperial Reckoning" 2006 Pulitzer Non-Fiction W

    The Amish and social security

    Labor Day - Why today?

    Burr/Hamilton Duel

    Facism/communism in the US

    A different take on the Founding Fathers

    Biography Thread

    12 July

    Southwell, Notts

    Kilmainham Gaol

    Election of 1968

    Dscssn of : "What Might Have Been, Vol. 2: Alternate H

    Early american slavery - facts and myths

    Alternative Histories

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Henry Wallace over Harry Truman

    A History of Redscape

    What is History?

    Anniversay of the day...

    Riding Shotgun

    New forum

    Mr. Creosote on Celtic-nology