Armenian Luxury Resort Opens
from the pages of the Constantinople Courier

The Turkish billionaire. Donya Tryumpka, has announce the opening of his newest and most expensive resort. He extends welcome to one and all to come and enjoy the warm October days on the beautiful east end of the Black Sea.

Mr. Tryumpka is slightly annoyed with the Russian fleet having collided with the Turkish cruise line in the Black Sea this morning. The Turkish ships were about to offer passage from Sevastopol at a very affordable rate. Said rates must now increase to pay for damages to the cruise lines from these collisions. “A very unfortunate and completely avoidable tragic event”, said Mr. Tyrumpka.
Talks will resume shortly to see if such passage will be promoted by both governments.

We can only hope that Turkish ships will be allowed to resume their mission to carry passengers from Russia and all nations to the shores of Armenia and the beautful resort, "Bolshoitoyou".