Germany EOG

I always thought that eliminated countries didn't participate in the EOG affair, but maybe my memory fails me. In any event, I'm happy to carve one out. I offer my sincere thanks to (the other) George for all of his time, effort, and encouragements throughout the game, including his nice cajoling to get us to write up these statements. In the old days I think we all took these EOGs more seriously than we do today. Otherwise, why would George by haranguing us over and over?! :) But you did a very good job with the orders, maps, and reminders. Everything that a GM should do...except telling me what my enemies were going to do, of course. Maybe I should have tried bitcoin bribes.

My time as the ersatz ruler of Germany was a timeless classic of blunders. I haven't had a lot of luck as Germany, so I'll have to keep trying to find a plan that works better. But plans are only as good as you can revise them in the face of human interactions. We can read all of the country-specific tactics and strategies available, but few really take into account the required negotiations. Understandable, because everybody who plays is not going to be the logical model we hope they are.

I will state that I enjoyed my time in the game and I went out not wishing to bite the head off too many people. Well, not many. Okay, none. Everybody was fine. A possible plan for Russian cooperation didn't work out (really sorry for that), but I was getting interested in working with England, in large part because I didn't want to see France in England, nor an English opponent attacking me from Norway and Belgium. (THAT sure didn't work out in the end!) I also worked hard to get Italy on my side. Things were okay for awhile, but the logistics got away from me, possibly because I did not take advantage of a few opportunities that came my way and I had wound up splitting my forces in the French affair as well as the Russian/Austrian affair, without being fully invested in either. Bad idea, as it turned out.

I foolishly allowed England an opening and he took advantage of it, in spite of my naive belief he was interested in seeing the plan through. But why would I believe that, anyway Got me. Just a big misjudgment on my behalf; so England wound up doing what I had worried about from the start. This was not my best outing or my best negotiating, perhaps. But once England stabbed me, Germany was doomed. I had not been able to make a good inroad against the Russian, as perhaps the Italians (who were also talking with England) were probably stringing me out, knowing I had a weak lifeline at that point.

In any event, it was tragedy for Germany; history reloaded. I did pick up a few revelations that I'll try to remember for the next time. Anyway, thank you all for the spirited play. But as for you, Monte....!