...its been a while and I was feeling in a peace-n-love mood when we started. France seemed a good draw despite the opposition, and at first I wasn't worried about the Piedmnt opening. It was a ploy of course, and I would hold Spain, and even if Italy did move to Marsellies, etc...but aside from Piedmont, Germany had irrevocably spurned my offer of Beglium with a frankly nutty Mun Hold, and I didn't get any sense of peace-n-love from England either. After *they* - the Italians and the English and the Germans - had spoken, I switch Spain's order and regretted it for the rest of the game.

Well, 1902 and I wasn't quite yet that downhearted, and the Spainish we're still giving me come-to-bed eyes, so I crossed my fingers and played safe as I could think...at first. End of 1902 I wasn't thinking I was anyone's wench - they surely have more spirit - putty was my feeling.

Anyway, 1903 France belately came up with a foreign policy and defended Paris for two years...I think England could predict as well as I exactly when Paris would fall. Germany though predicted nothing and lost Holland and Denmark on the same turn. Go England!!...I admit a grudging respect.

Fron there on I can't say much that would illuminate anyone. England controlled the north, Italy wasn't doing bad in the south, France was just something Italy and England would think about if and when. There was never enough room between them, or enough that I could make, that would make a difference. I flipped and flapped a bit, had some RL issues, but none of it made much difference to the French game.

Italy and England played an excellent game and surely did more than any other to deserve the result. Both shafted their respective allies in double quick type, and to great effect, and Italy perhaps never really had an ally at all. It doesn't say that on the Diplomacy box!