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Post 15 Jan 2014, 6:35 am

Apparently in the migration of the French capital from Paris to Madrid a dispatch was lost. I don't think our first NMR had any impact on the board, but there it is.

One retreat from Russia by 9pm EST Wednesday. Builds by 9pm EST Thursday (that's 2AM GMT the next day for our international friends.)

England: Jaundiced Jaffe
F Baltic Sea - Berlin (*Fails*)
A Brest - Gascony
A Burgundy Supports A Gascony - Marseilles
F English Channel - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (*Fails*)
A Gascony - Marseilles
A Kiel Supports F Baltic Sea - Berlin
A London - Norway
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Spain(sc) (*Fails*)
F North Atlantic Ocean - Norwegian Sea
F North Sea Convoys A London - Norway
F Sweden Supports A London - Norway

France: Comrade Paul
A Marseilles, no move received (*Disbanded*)
F Portugal, no move received
A Spain, no move received

Germany: georgeatkins
A Berlin Supports A Munich (*Cut*)
A Munich Supports A Berlin

Italy: Lingfish
F Aegean Sea Supports F Smyrna
A Budapest Supports A Galicia - Rumania
A Bulgaria Supports A Galicia - Rumania
F Eastern Mediterranean Supports F Smyrna
A Galicia - Rumania
A Serbia Supports A Bulgaria
F Smyrna Hold
F Tunis - North Africa
A Tyrolia - Piedmont
F Western Mediterranean Supports A Spain

Russia: SuperAnt
F Norway Hold (*Dislodged*)
A Rumania - Sevastopol
A Ukraine - Galicia
A Warsaw Supports A Ukraine - Galicia

Turkey: King of Swords
A Ankara - Smyrna (*Fails*)
A Armenia Supports A Ankara - Smyrna
F Black Sea Supports A Constantinople
A Constantinople Supports A Ankara - Smyrna

Russian F Norway can retreat to Skagerrak or Barents Sea or St
Petersburg(nc) or OTB

Assuming the retreat is OTB the builds/disbands are as follows:
England: Supp 12 Unit 11 Build 1
France: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Germany: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Italy: Supp 12 Unit 10 Build 2
Russia: Supp 4 Unit 3 Build 1
Turkey: Supp 2 Unit 4 Remove 2

*Edit Russia retreats OTB*
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Posts: 3295
Joined: 02 Oct 2000, 9:01 am

Post 16 Jan 2014, 10:23 pm

Winter '08

Remove A Ankara
Remove A Armenia

Build A London

Build A Stp

Build A Ven
Build A Rom