Spring 1906 is here and we have one retreat, which we already received. Fall '06 orders are due no later than 9pm EST Tuesday December 10th (which is 2am GMT).

England: Jaundiced Jaffe
F Belgium - English Channel
F Denmark - Kiel (*Bounce*)
A Edinburgh - Norway
F Holland Supports F Denmark - Kiel
A Liverpool - Wales
F London - North Sea
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Gascony (*Dislodged*)
F Norwegian Sea Convoys A Edinburgh - Norway
A Paris - Gascony (*Bounce*)
A Picardy - Burgundy (*Fails*)

France: Comrade Paul
A Burgundy - Gascony (*Bounce*)
A Marseilles - Spain
F Portugal Supports F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean

Germany: georgeatkins
A Munich Supports A Ruhr - Kiel
A Prussia - Berlin
A Ruhr - Kiel (*Bounce*)
F St Petersburg(sc) Hold

Italy: Lingfish
A Budapest Supports A Vienna - Galicia
F Ionian Sea - Greece
F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Piedmont - Tyrolia
A Trieste - Serbia
F Tunis - North Africa
A Tyrolia - Bohemia
A Vienna - Galicia
F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean

Russia: SuperAnt
A Moscow Supports A Warsaw - Ukraine
A Warsaw - Ukraine (*Bounce*)

Turkey: King of Swords
A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
F Black Sea Supports A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*)
A Constantinople -Bulgaria
A Galicia - Silesia
A Rumania Supports A Sevastopol - Ukraine A Sevastopol - Ukraine (*Bounce*)

English F Mid-Atlantic Ocean retreats to Irish Sea