Two retreats, one disband, some major supply center shifting. Man, it turns out you nubes might have some real potential.

Give me the retreats by no later than 9pm EST Wednesday the 27th and the builds no later than 9pm Thursday the 28th (Both 2am GMT)

England: Jaundiced Jaffe
A Brest - Paris
F English Channel - Belgium
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Hold
F North Atlantic Ocean - Norwegian Sea
F North Sea - Holland
A Picardy Supports A Brest - Paris
F Sweden - Denmark

France: Comrade Paul
A Marseilles Supports A Paris - Burgundy
A Paris - Burgundy
F Portugal Supports F Spain(sc)
F Spain(sc) Supports F Portugal

Germany: georgeatkins
A Burgundy - Paris (*Dislodged*)
A Munich - Silesia
A Ruhr - Burgundy (*Fails*)
A Silesia - Prussia
F St Petersburg(sc) Hold
A Tyrolia - Bohemia
A Vienna Supports A Tyrolia - Bohemia (*Disbanded*)

Italy: Lingfish
A Budapest Supports A Trieste - Vienna
F Greece - Ionian Sea
A Serbia - Trieste
A Trieste - Vienna
F Tunis - North Africa (*Bounce*)
A Tuscany - Piedmont
A Venice - Tyrolia
F Western Mediterranean - North Africa (*Bounce*)

Russia: SuperAnt
A Sevastopol - Ukraine (*Dislodged*)
A Ukraine - Galicia (*Fails*)
A Warsaw Supports A Ukraine - Galicia

Turkey: King of Swords
A Armenia Supports A Constantinople - Sevastopol
F Black Sea Convoys A Constantinople - Sevastopol
A Constantinople - Sevastopol
A Galicia - Ukraine (*Fails*)
A Rumania Supports A Galicia - Ukraine

German A Burgundy can retreat to Gascony, Munich or OTB
Russian A Sevastopol can retreat to Moscow or OTB

Retreats can't affect ownership. Builds assume all retreats are on the board:

England Builds 3
France removes 1
Germany: removes 2
Italy: Builds 1
Russia: removes 1
Turkey: Builds 1