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Post 29 Jul 2012, 1:54 pm

First off, this is way late, and I apologize.

I was quite uncommunicative in this game, and it is all my fault. My son went off the deep end, and we found out, after he ran away that he is bi-polar and got into some police issues. That coupled with my dying dad, and you can see that I have had a full plate.

I would say that my initial plan was to work with Russia and try for a juggernaut, and Austria was vying for my alliance as well. Russia and I worked together against Jeff, who seemed to be quite paranoid (After all it is Austria and you are surrounded!). Italy pressed in from the west, and Austria was no more.

I tried to get Austria to turn against France the entire game. I wanted to be the premier power in the east, and Italy would have nothing of it. This was the turning point, as I couldn't expand without having full conflict with Italy.

I appreciate all the kind words concerning my family. You are all my extended family, and I know who I can talk to when I need help. Thank you.

GM: Great job. Always on top of me when I was needed reminders as life was getting hectic.
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Post 30 Jul 2012, 4:51 pm

Wow, Brad. I didn't realize you had all that going on. I figured the site takeover was enough. Hope all is well with your son.

Paranoia set in early for me. I'll put a more serious EOG up here.