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Post 08 Jul 2012, 12:47 pm

Italian EOG Statement
from th pages of Corriere della Sera
Your humble correspondent, Giovanni BaddaBing

What to say, what to say ??

Well first of all, thank you Mike for a well-run game. As you had stated, there were no NMRs. Great for any game. Secondly, I am happy we ended when we did. I don’t think anyone could have swung a solo victory without major switches in alliances. While it could have happened, I’m glad it didn’t.

Quick notes

To France:
Russ, we never formally said we were allies. No treaties, no handshakes, no wife-swapping. Just simply holding to our words without ever requiring any commitment from the other. Staggering.
I’ve never played a game like that and frankly, I liked it a lot. I hope we meet again.

To England:
Graham, we never really had to cross paths. I know you would have liked me to turn on France.
I was surprised when you did. I had thought we had arrived at a 3-power combination, midway thru the game, and we were set to run the board. However, you are a good player and as such, you were more bent on a greater share of a victory, if not a solo. So I understood your mindset completely. WE still have yet to completely align. Maybe next time.

To Germany:
Steven I have no idea why you and I hardly communicated. Historically, naturally, geographically, and by any other measuring stick, Germany and Italy are allies. Yet I think we wrote to each other less than 5 times. I don’t know if this game would have gone any differently, but that will remain a mystery to me for a long time.

To Turkey:
Brad, you are busier than a one-armed paperhanger ... with Redscape, your business and your family. After the first few seasons of total non-communication, I finally came to understand the reasons why. I set my game on the tone and frequency of communication. When you were so silent, I sided with Russia and Austria against you. In our emails, we all three complained about your silence. Once you spoke, and I got to know the why, I felt like a jerk for pressuring you to answer. Sorry man. In the end, you and I set up a pretty solid stalemate and I was content to sit behind that wall and not go after you.
By the way, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your stepping in to save Redscape. Thank you, Brad.

To Austria:
Yes Jeff, we were allies from the start. Yes I stabbed you. Yes you had it coming. No I did not enjoy it. Because Brad was so silent, you and Russia and I had agreed to form a 3-power force as early as Spring 1902. But 2 moves later, your emails were screaming about how you wanted to turn on Russia and get Brad to join us. And at that time, I had barely had a hello note from Brad and he had not answered any of my emails.
In the meantime, Darren was still under the impression that we were still united. I am loyal to a fault,
and will hold to even a bad alliance until it goes completely off the rails. I couldn’t understand your reasons for going after Darren. Yes, the old mater Graham had painted the picture that Germany, Russia and England were completely allied and it sure looked that way, but I still believed Darren’s sincerity in our plan. So when you attacked him I attacked you. I still think an A-R-I would have done quite well. We’ll never know.

To Russia:
Darren, I said it all above, basically. You needed to keep your options open with Graham and the old boy is very persuasive. Up until I entered Galicia, I think you were relatively happy with me. I told you that it was the last brick in my wall. You may never believe that but it’s something I felt I needed to have. You repeatedly asked me to attack France, but I was happy with that side of my borders and did not want to open a two-sided war. If you and Brad and Jeff would have united, I would have been long gone. And, had this game extended, then Galicia would have been very important to me. I hope you can accept that.

Finally, to one and all. Thanks for the game. Years ago, there were several games operating concurrently. Great players whose postings made the game fun and interesting.

Nine years ago, when my daughter had a class project to receive postcards from the most distant friend, her classmates had cards from NY, Colorado, California, and one from Puerto Rico. A few weeks later during a parent-teacher night, the teacher approached me in amazement. Cait had received cards from England, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Australia, Canada, 20 different states
and a letter from Erez who was with the Israeli army. Blew that poor woman away.

Listen we have something special going on here, a great bond. Screw Facebook. Nothing like a great Dip to spice up a monotonous week. Don’t let this die fellas. Get more games going.
I hope to see you all some other time, some other game. God bless.
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Post 08 Jul 2012, 5:00 pm

See, I never thought we were fully allied from the get-go. It took a level of trust that I don't think either of us were ready for. C'est la vie.

As for Russia, there was no way we were working together. The whole Galicia issue made it impossible. I don't think Darren can honestly say that there was any point in the game where he was willing to work with me.

That, combined with a silent Germany and Turkey, made this game near unbearable for me. So at that point, I really didn't care what happened. I ended up being a grenade. Again, C'est la vie.

That said, I'm sorely disappointed in a 5 player draw.
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Post 21 Jul 2012, 12:26 pm

Well, Guy, I guess you're it for EOG's. It is greatly appreciated!
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Post 21 Jul 2012, 7:42 pm

I will get one too. I just haven't had time or motivation.