Fall 08

F Baltic Sea Supports A Prussia – Berlin (ok)
F Belgium Supports A London – Holland (cut)
A Denmark Supports F Holland – Kiel (cut)
A Finland – Sweden (ok)
F Holland – Kiel (bounce)
F Irish Sea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean (bounce)
A London – Holland (bounce)
F North Sea Convoys A London – Holland (ok)
A Prussia – Berlin (bounce)
F St Petersburg(nc) Hold (ok)

A Mun supports A Ber (ok)
A Ruh supports A Kie (ok)
A Ber supports A Kie (cut)
A Kie supports F HEL to Den (cut)
A Pic to Bel (bounce)
F HEL to Den (bounce)
F MAO to IRI (bounce)
F Spa(sc) to MAO (bounce)

F/Albania supports A/Greece (ok)
A/Budapest supports A/Galicia (ok)
A/Galicia supports F/Black Sea (invalid)
F/Greece supports A/Serbia (ok)
F/Ionian supports A/Greece (cut)
A/Serbia supports A/Greece (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea supports F/Ionian Sea (ok)
F/West Med supports French F/Spain(sc) to the MAO (ok)

A war s a mos – ukr (ok)
A mos – ukr (ok)
A sev s a rum h (ok)

A Rumania supports A Bulgaria (ok)
A Bulgaria supports A Rumania (ok)
F Eastern Med to Ionian Sea (bounce)
F Aegean Sea supports Bulgaria (ok)
F Black Sea supports A Rumania (ok)

Fall 1908 Retreats: None

Winter 1908 Deadline: Friday, June 29th @ 12 noon EDT

England: 9 SC’s / 10 units
Disband 1

France: 9 SC’s / 8 units
Build 1

Italy: 8 SC’s / 8 units
No change

Russia: 3 SC’s / 3 units
No change

Turkey: 5 SC’s / 5 units
No change