Soooo sorry for the delay. On the road all day yesterday (Chicago to somewhere in Nebraska) and finally settled in to a weekend of farmhouse living. Fortunately, there is DSL and we're in action. Things should normalize after the Fall turn. Thanks for your concerns & patience!

On to the results (no time for embassy sales-pitches this week)...

Spring 1908

F Baltic Sea Convoys A Kiel – Prussia (ok)
F Barents Sea - St Petersburg(nc) (ok)
F Belgium Supports F Holland (ok)
F Denmark - North Sea (ok)
F Holland Supports F Denmark - North Sea (ok)
F Irish Sea – Wales (bounce)
A Kiel – Prussia (ok)
A London – Wales (bounce)
A St Petersburg – Finland (ok)
A Sweden – Denmark (ok)

A Ber to Kie (ok)
A Sil to Ber (ok)
A Mun supports A Ber to Kie (ok)
A Ruh supports A Ber to Kie (ok)
A Bre to Pic (ok)
F Spa(sc) to MAO (bounce)
F MAO to IRI (bounce)
F HEL supports A Ber to Kie (ok)

A/Albania to Serbia (ok)
A/Budapest to Galicia (ok)
F/Greece to Albania (ok)
F/Ionian holds (ok)
A/Serbia to Greece (ok)
A/Trieste to Budapest (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea supports F/Ionian Sea (ok)
F/West Med supports French F/Spain(sc) to the MAO (ok)

A War S A Mos (ok)
A Mos S A Sev (ok)
A sev S A Rum (ok)

A Bulgaria support A Rumania (ok)
A Rumania support A Bulgaria (ok)
F Black Sea support A Bulgaria (ok)
F Eastern Med to Ionian Sea (bounce)
F Aegean Sea support A Bulgaria (ok)

Retreats: None

Fall 1908 Deadline: Wednesday, June 27th @ 12 noon EDT
I would push us back to Tuesdays but I’ll be travelling that day. Wednesday is sure-fire and I WILL adjudicate at noon!