Whether you prefer Freedom Fries or French Fries, you will fall in love with the modern face of France located near the vibrant neighborhood of Georgetown!

The current building was constructed in the early 1980s. An architectural competition was held in 1975 to determine the building’s design. The winner was André Remondet (b.1908), a graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts and George Washington University who holds the title of Chief Architect of Public Buildings.


Spring 1907

F Barents Sea Supports A St Petersburg (ok)
A Berlin – Kiel (ok)
F Edinburgh - North Sea (ok)
A Finland – Sweden (ok)
F Liverpool - Irish Sea (ok)
F Livonia - Baltic Sea (ok)
F North Sea - English Channel (ok)
A St Petersburg Hold (ok)
F Sweden – Denmark (ok)

A Sil supports A Ber to Pru (invalid order)
A Tyl to Boh (ok)
A Ruh to Mun (ok)
A Bel to Ruh (ok)
A Bre to Par (ok)
A Bud to Rum (bounce)
F Hol H (ok)
F MAO H (ok)
F GoL H (ok)

A/Albania supports F/Greece (ok)
F/Greece holds (ok)
F/Ionian supports F/Greece (ok)
F/Naples is in dry dock (ok)
A/Serbia supports French A/Budapest to Rumania (ok)
A/Trieste to Budapest (bounce)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea offers moonlight cruises (ok)
A/Venice to Trieste (bounce)

A mos s a war H (ok)
A war S A Mos (ok)
A sev s A Rum (ok)

F Eastern Med to Ionian (bounce)
F Aegean Sea to Greece (bounce)
A Bulgaria supports A Rumania (ok)
A Rumania supports A Bulgaria (cut)
F Black Sea to Constantinople (ok)

Retreats: None

Fall 1907 Deadline: Tuesday, June 12th @ 1 p.m. EDT