We must bid a fond adieu to Germany. Steve, thank you for staying dedicated to the end!

Fall 1906

F Baltic Sea – Livonia (ok)
F Barents Sea Supports A Norway - St Petersburg (ok)
A Finland Supports A Norway - St Petersburg (ok)
A Kiel – Berlin (ok)
F North Sea – Denmark (bounce)
A Norway - St Petersburg (ok)
F Sweden – Denmark (bounce)

A Ruh to Mun (bounce)
A Bel to Ruh (bounce)
A Sil supports A Kie to Ber (ok)
A Vie to Bud (ok)
A Pie to Tyl (ok)
F MAO H (ok)
F Hol H (ok)
F GoL H (ok)

A galicia – Rumania (bounce)
A berlin – munich (bounce, dislodged)

A/Albania supports A/Serbia (ok)
F/Greece to Bulgaria(sc) (bounce)
F/Ionian to Greece (bounce)
F/Naples to the Ionian (bounce)
A/Serbia supports German A/Galicia to Rumania (cut)
A/Trieste supports French A/Vienna to Budapest (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea supports F/Naples to the Ionian (ok)

A mos s a Lvn – war (ok)
A lvn – war (ok)
A StP H (dislodged, disbanded)

A Budapest to Serbia (bounce, dislodged, disbanded)
A Rumania supports A Budapest to Serbia (cut)
A Bulgaria supports A Budapest to Serbia (cut)
F Black Sea supports A Bulgaria (ok)
F Aegean Sea supports A Bulgaria (ok)
F Eastern Med supports F Aegean Sea (ok)

Retreat conducted by GM
German A Ber retreat to PRU

Winter 1906 Deadline: Thursday, May 31st @ 1 p.m. EDT

England: 9 SC’s / 7 units
Build 2

France: 9 SC’s / 8 units
Build 1

Germany: 0 SC’s / 2 units
Disband 2

Italy: 8 SC’s / 7 units
Build 1

Russia: 3 SC’s / 2 units
Build 1

Turkey: 5 SC’s / 5 units
No change