Historic property, great location! Visit the Churchill statue & the adjacent Ambassador's residence. A true gem...

The British Government has had representation in Washington, DC, since 1791. The Embassy moved to its current location at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in 1930, the first to build on what would later become Embassy Row.


Spring 1906

A Denmark – Kiel (ok)
F Kiel - Baltic Sea (ok)
A London – Norway (ok)
F North Sea Convoys A London – Norway (ok)
A Norway – Finland (ok)
F Norwegian Sea - Barents Sea (ok)
F Sweden Supports A Norway – Finland (ok)

A Mun to Sil (ok)
A Ruh to Mun (bounce)
A Bel to Ruh (bounce)
A Tyl to Vie (ok)
A Mar to Pie (ok)
F Hol supports A Den to Kie (ok)
F Bre to MAO (ok)
F GoL H (ok)

A warsaw – galicia (ok)
a berlin – munich (bounce)

A/Albania supports A/Trieste to Serbia (ok)
A/ Budapest supports A/Trieste to Serbia (dislodged, disbanded)
F/Greece supports F/Ionian to the Aegean (ok)
F/Ionian to the Aegean (bounce)
F/Naples to the Ionian (bounce)
A/Trieste to Serbia (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea supports F/Naples to the Ionian (ok)
A/Venice to Trieste (ok)

A Lvn S StP (ok)
A Mos S Stp (ok)
A Stp H (ok)

A Serbia to Budapest (ok)
A Rumania supports A Serbia to Budapest (ok)
A Constantinople to Bulgaria (ok)
F Black Sea supports A Constantipole to Bulgaria (ok)
F Aegean Sea supports Eastern Med (cut)
F Eastern Med supports Aegean Sea (ok)

Retreats: None

Fall 1906 Deadline: Tuesday, May 29th @ 1 p.m. EDT