Showcase home of the week: Turkish Embassy (time share opportunities currently unavailable)

The chancery is housed in a new building, inaugurated by Turkish President Süleyman Demirel on April 23, 1999. Designed by Shalom Baranes Associates, it reflects aspects of Turkish vernacular architecture while harmonizing with the styles of the Sheridan-Kalorama neighborhood.


Spring 1905

F Barents Sea – Norway (ok)
F Denmark - Helgoland Bight (ok)
A London – Yorkshire (ok)
F Norway – Sweden (ok)
F Norwegian Sea - North Sea (ok)
A Sweden – Denmark (ok)

F GoL to H (ok)
F Bel to Hol (ok)
A Ruh supports F Bel to Hol (ok)
A Mars supports Tyl (invalid order, no such unit)
A Tyl supports A Mun (ok)
A Bur supports A Mun (ok)
A Bre to Gas (ok)

A Mun H (default order used - better tell your commanding officers to write neater)

A Silesia – Munich (bounce)
A Berlin Supports A Silesia – Munich (ok)
A Holland - Ruhr Valley (bounce, dislodged, disbanded)

F/Ionian to Greece (ok)
A/Piedmont holds (ok)
A/Trieste supports Turkish A/Albania to Serbia (ok)
F/Tunis to the Ionian (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea holds (ok)
A/Vienna to Budapest (ok)

A stp -> fin (ok)
A ser Holds (dislodged, disbanded)
A mos -> stp (ok)
A lvn Supports A mos -> stp (ok)
A boh Supports A sil -> mun (ok)
F bal -> kie (ok)
A arm -> sev (ok)

A Albania to Serbia (ok)
A Bulgaria to Rumania (ok)
F Smyrna holds (ok)
F Constantinople to Ankara (ok)
F Greece moves to Bulgaria and leaves a plate of Souvlaki for dinner and Baklava for dessert (ok)

Retreats: None

Fall 1905 Deadline: Tuesday, May 15th @ 1 p.m. EDT