Ouch! Thanks for playing, Jeff. At least it was mercifully quick...

Fall 1903 Results

a vie s ser-bud (cut, displaced)
a ser-bud (bounce, displaced)
a gre-ser (bounce, displaced)
f aeg-gre (bounce)

F Barents Sea Supports A Finland - St Petersburg (ok)
A Finland - St Petersburg (bounce)
F North Sea – Belgium (bounce)
F Norway Supports A Finland - St Petersburg (ok)
F Norwegian Sea - North Atlantic Ocean (ok)

A Bel to Hol (ok)
A Bur to Bel (bounce)
A Gas to Bur (bounce)
A Tyl supports A Tri to Vie (ok)
F WES H (ok)

A Ruhr Supports A Munich (ok)
A Berlin Supports A Munich (ok)
A Munich Hold (ok)
F Denmark Supports F Sweden (ok)
F Baltic Sea Supports F Sweden (ok)

F/Ionian supports Turk A/Bulgaria to Greece (ok)
A/Trieste to Vienna (ok)
A/Tuscany to Venice (ok)
F/Tyrrhenian Sea tries to organize a boat race w/France (hold, ok)
A/Venice to Trieste (ok)

A stp supports the Germans into any centre they like so long as it's not owned by Russia! (hold, ok)
A lvn Supports A stp (ok)
F bot Supports A stp (and blows tender kisses to their German friends in the Baltic sea) (ok)
A bud Supports A rum -> ser (ok)
A rum -> ser (ok)

A Bulgaria to Greece (ok)
A Constantinople to Bulgaria (ok)
F Black Sea to Constantinople (ok)
F Smyrna to Aegean Sea (bounce)


All retreating Austrian units removed from the board (no moves can change the outcome).

Winter 1903 Deadline: Thursday, Arpil 19th @ 1 p.m. EDT

Austria 0 SC’s / 1 unit
Disband one

England 5 SC’s / 5 units
No change

France 6 SC’s / 5 units
Build one

Germany 5 SC’s / 6 units
Disband one

Italy 6 SC’s / 5 units
Build one

Russia 7 SC’s / 5 units
Build two

Turkey 5 SC’s / 4 units
Build one