Embassy of the Day: Italy's bifurcated building found at 3000 Whitehaven Street Northwest Washington, DC.

The new embassy building designed by Piero Sartogo Architetti was begun in 1996 and inaugurated in 2000. The 29,800 square foot building is located in the area known as Embassy Row for the plethora of embassies marking the neighbourhood. I understand it has a gelato/espresso stand!


Spring 1902

f gre-aeg (ok)
a ser-gre (ok)
a bud-rum (bounce)
a vie-gal (bounce)

F Belgium - North Sea (ok)
F Edinburgh Supports F Belgium - North Sea (ok)
F Liverpool – Clyde (ok)
F Norway – Skagerrak (ok)
A Yorkshire Hold (ok)

A Pic to Bel (bounce)
A Par to Bur (bounce)
A Spa to Gas (ok)
A Mar supports A Par to Bur (ok)
F Por to MAO (ok)

F Kiel - Heligoland Bight (ok)
F Denmark - North Sea (bounce)
A Holland – Belgium (bounce)
A Munich – Burgundy (bounce)
A Ruhr S A Munich – Burgundy (ok)

A/Apulia to Rome (ok)
F/Ionian to the East Med (bounce)
F/Naples to the Tyrrhenian Sea (ok)
A/Trieste to Serbia (bounce)

F Sev S A Rum (ok)
A Rum S ATurkish A Bul – Ser (cut)
A War – Gal (bounce)
A Mos – Ukr (ok)
F Swe – Nwy (bounce)
A StP – Nwy (bounce)

Bul – Ser (bounce)
Con – Bul (bounce)
Ank – Con (bounce)
Smy – Eas (bounce)

Retreats: None

Fall 1902 Deadline: Tuesday, April 3rd @ 1 p.m. EDT