Conference Closed
DIAS passed after the Fall 1908 session

Welcome to Embassy Sweets. We aim to provide the finest service to our esteemed conference attendees and guests. May your negotiations bear fruit. Or at least a cupcake...

Conference Agenda

Type: Standard
Rules: Redscape House plus Addenda
Victory Conditions: 18 SC's or DIAS
Meeting Days: Tues / Wed / Thur
Meeting Times: 1 p.m. EST
Time Limit: None

Hotelier and GM: SLOTerp

Guest List

Ambassador of England: Ozzie the Blade (0 NMR's)
Ambassador of France: Archduke Russell John (0 NMR's)
Ambassador of Italy: Geezerguy (0 NMR's)
Ambassador of Russia: Darren Downunder (0 NMR's)
Ambassador of Turkey: bbauska (0 NMR's)


Ambassador of Austria: Guapo (Fall 1903, 0 NMR's)
Ambassador of Germany: TheManInBlack (Fall 1906, 0 NMR's)

Meeting Schedule

No further sessions scheduled

Current Room Assignments