Cross Keys,
With 1906 now complete and in the history books are the greatest game ever ever ever played through its first six years, you can submit requests for alternate endings such as DIAS, etc. per tourney rules.

And, without any delay, we have just such a request, a request for a vote to DIAS this game.

All voting is to be conducted by secret ballot, and a unanimous vote of all surviving players is required to pass a DIAS proposal. Any non-votes or abstentions will be counted as NO votes (wanting the game to continue). Any player proposing a DIAS is considered to vote YES in favor of the proposal. A DIAS that passes is considered effective at the last adjudicated and published winter season (1906 in this case).

Our deadline for this DIAS will be the same deadline as our Spring 1907 deadline. Therefore you need to dip-plan-play-pray as if the vote will fail and the game will play on. You can submit your vote with your orders, or submit them separately. Just understand that they are both due on the same deadline.

Next Deadline:
DIAS VOTE & Spring 1907 deadline is Tuesday, October 11th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)

IF the vote is FOR DIAS, I will announce that and NOT adjudicate Spring 1907.
IF the vote is AGAINST DIAS, I will announce that and ALSO adjudicate Spring 1907.
IF I win the lottery between now & then I will send everyone a six-pack & Randy will figure this all out.

Battle & Vote On!