RG2-Cross Keys 1906 Spring

Orders As Submitted:

GM: Roadkill315, roadkill315.diplomacy [at] gmail [dot] com
Press: A group of tourists was watching the re-enactment of an ancient Egyptian religious ritual. One turned to a nearby local, pointed to the statue that was being praised and asked, "Pardon me, but what was the name of that god?" "Why do you ask?" the man replied. The tourist shrugged. "Oh, just idol curiosity!"

Austria: Archduke Russell John, ArchducRJ1 [at] aol [dot] com
A Gal to Sil
A Boh supports A Gal to Sil
A Tyr to Mun
A Bul to Ser
F Gre to ION

England: Danivon, diplomacy [at] danivon [dot] com
Fleet St Petersburg support Fleet Norway hold
Fleet Norway support Fleet St Petersburg hold
Fleet North Sea move Norwegian Sea
Fleet Liverpool move Irish Sea
Fleet English Channel move Brest
Fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean support Fleet Spain move Western Mediterranean
Fleet Portugal move Spain (south coast)
Fleet Spain move Western Mediterranean
Army Paris move Gascony

France: Theodorelogan, diplomacy6881 [at] gmail [dot] com
Eliminated 1904

Germany: debergerac88, debergerac88 [at] gmail [dot] com
a belgium to burgundy
a ruhr support munich
f baltic supports a sweden
a sweden holds
a munich supports a belgium to burgundy
a prussia holds
a berlin supports a prussia

Italy: heritikyl, wewtage [at] gmail. [dot] com
F Smy - Eas
A Gas - Spa
A Mar S A Gas - Spa
F Lyo S A Gas - Spa
F Wes - Mao
A Naf thinks it has finally found water--nope, mirage

Russia: Ray Jay, montej29 [at] comcast [dot] net
F Con to Black Sea
A Warsaw to Prussia
A Livonia supports A Warsaw to Prussia
F Bothnia to Baltic
A Finland to Norway
A Moscow supports A Livonia

Turkey: Chancellor William, dvw [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] sg
Eliminated 1904

Orders As Adjudicated:
Austria:A boh Supports A gal - sil
Austria: A bul - ser
Austria: A gal - sil
Austria: F gre - ion
Austria: A tyr - mun Bounced with mun (1 against 2).

England: F eng - bre
England: F lvp - iri
England: F mao Supports F spa/sc - wes
England: F nth - nwg
England: F nwy Supports F stp/nc Support cut by Move from Finland.
England: A par - gas
England: F por - spa/sc Bounced with gas (1 against 1).
England: F spa/sc - wes
England: F stp/nc Supports F nwy

Germany: F bal Supports A swe Support cut by Move from Gulf of Bothnia.
Germany: A bel - bur
Germany: A ber Supports A pru
Germany: A mun Supports A bel - bur Support cut by Move from Tyrolia.
Germany: A pru Holds
Germany: A ruh Supports A mun
Germany: A swe Holds

Italy: A gas - spa
Italy: F lyo Supports A gas - spa
Italy: A mar Supports A gas - spa
Italy: A naf Holds
Italy: F smy - eas
Italy: F wes - mao Bounced with mao (1 against 1). Dislodged from spa (2 against 1).

Russia: F con - bla
Russia: A fin - nwy Bounced with nwy (1 against 2).
Russia: F bot - bal Bounced with bal (1 against 1).
Russia: A lvn Supports A war - pru
Russia: A mos Supports A lvn
Russia: A war - pru Bounced with pru (2 against 2).

Retreats Required:
Italy: Fleet Western Mediterranean.

Next Deadline:
Summer 1906 deadline is Wednesday, September 28th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)
Fall 1906 deadline is Tuesday, October 4th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)

Battle On!