RG2-Cross Keys Spring 1905

Orders As Submitted
GM: Roadkill315, roadkill315.diplomacy [at] gmail [dot] com
Press: On a hot summer night in Kiev a Ukranian driver is driving his car under the influence of sour rosolynk which he washed down with lots of vodka. He is stopped by the police. “Why aren’t you wearing your belt?” the policeman asks him. “Because I’m not wearing any trousers,” he replies.

Austria: Archduke Russell John, ArchducRJ1 [at] aol [dot] com
A Tyl to Mun
A Boh supports A Gal to Sil
A Bud to Gal
A Bul H
F Aeg to Gre

England: Danivon, diplomacy [at] danivon [dot] com
Fleet Barents Sea move St Petersburg
Fleet Norway support Fleet Barents Sea move St Petersburg
Fleet North Sea support Fleet Norway hold
Fleet Liverpool move Irish Sea
Fleet English Channel move Mid Atlantic Ocean
Fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean move Portugal
Fleet Spain move Marseilles
Army Gascony support Fleet Spain move Marseilles

France: Theodorelogan, diplomacy6881 [at] gmail [dot] com
Eliminated 1904

Germany: debergerac88, debergerac88 [at] gmail [dot] com
a sweden to denmark
f baltic to denmark
a berlin supports a burgundy to munich
a keil to holland
a ruhr supports a burgundy to munich
a burgundy to munich
a silesia to munich

Italy: heritikyl, wewtage [at] gmail. [dot] com
A Mar - Bur
A Pie - Mar
F Tys - Wes
F Lyo S F Tys - Wes
F Smy S F Con H
A Tun - Naf

Russia: Ray Jay, montej29 [at] comcast [dot] net
F Con holds
A Warsaw supports A Moscow to Livonia
A Moscow to Livonia
F St Petersburg (sc) to Bothnia
A Finland to Norway
A Galicia to Silesia
A Sevastopol to Ukraine

Turkey: Chancellor William, dvw [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] sg
Eliminated 1904

Orders As Adjudicated:
Austria: F aeg - gre
Austria: A boh Supports A gal - sil
Austria: A bud - gal
Austria: A bul Holds
Austria: A tyr - mun Bounced with bur (1 against 1).

England: F bar - stp/nc
England: F eng - mao
England: A gas Supports F spa/sc - mar
England: F lvp - iri
England: F mao - por
England: F nth Supports F nwy
England: F nwy Supports F bar - stp Support cut by Move from Finland.
England: F spa/sc - mar

Germany: F bal - den Bounced with swe (1 against 1).
Germany: A ber Supports A bur - mun
Germany: A bur - mun
Germany: A kie - hol
Germany: A ruh Supports A bur - mun
Germany: A sil - mun Bounced with tyr (1 against 1). Dislodged from gal (2 against 1).
Germany: A swe - den Bounced with bal (1 against 1).

Italy: F lyo Supports F tys - wes
Italy: A mar - bur
Italy: A pie - mar Bounced with spa (1 against 1).
Italy: F smy Supports F con
Italy: A tun - naf
Italy: F tys - wes

Russia: F con Holds
Russia: A fin - nwy Bounced with nwy (1 against 2).
Russia: A gal - sil
Russia: A mos - lvn
Russia: A sev - ukr
Russia: F stp/sc - bot
Russia: A war Supports A mos - lvn

Retreats Required:
Germany: Army Silesia.

Next Deadline:
Summer 1905 deadline is Wednesday, September 14th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)
Fall 1905 deadline is Tuesday, September 20th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)

Battle On!