RG2-Cross Keys 1904 Spring

Orders As Submitted
GM: Roadkill315, roadkill315.diplomacy [at] gmail [dot] com
Press: Q: What do the England footbal team and Posh Spice both have in common? A: They've both been screwed by David Beckham.

Austria: Archduke Russell John, ArchducRJ1 [at] aol [dot] com
A Boh to Mun
A Tyl supports A Boh to Mun
A Gre to Bul
A Ser supports A Gre to Bul
F AEG support F Smy Hold

England: Danivon, diplomacy [at] danivon [dot] com
Fleet Norway move Barents Sea
Fleet North Sea move Norway
Army Paris move Gascony
Fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean support Fleet Portugal move Spain (south coast)
Fleet Portugal move Spain (south coast)
Fleet Edinburgh move North Sea
Fleet London move English Channel

France: Theodorelogan, diplomacy6881 [at] gmail [dot] com
A Pru-Liv

Germany: debergerac88, debergerac88 [at] gmail [dot] com
f sweden supports north sea to norway
a keil to denmark
a berlin supports munich
a holland holds
a belgium to ruhr
a burgundy to marseilles
a munich holds

Italy: heritikyl, wewtage [at] gmail. [dot] com
F Lyo - Spa (sc)
A Mar S F Lyo - Spa
A Ven - Pie
F Rom - Tys
F Smy H
A Tun H

Russia: Ray Jay, montej29 [at] comcast [dot] net
F Ankara supports A Con
A Warsaw to Prussia
A Rumania to Galicia
F Bothnia to Sweden
A St Petersburg to Norway
A Sevastopol to Moscow

Turkey: Chancellor William, dvw [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] sg
A Constantinople -> Smyrna
A Syria support Constantinople->Smyrna

Orders As Adjudicated:
Austria: F aeg Supports F smy
Austria: A boh - mun Bounced with mun (2 against 2).
Austria: A gre - bul
Austria: A ser Supports A gre - bul
Austria: A tyr Supports A boh - mun

England: F edi - nth Failed because England: F nth - nwy failed.
England: F lon - eng
England: F mao Supports F por - spa/sc
England: F nth - nwy Bounced with stp (1 against 1).
England: F nwy - bar
England: A par - gas
England: F por - spa/sc

France: A pru - lvn

Germany: A bel - ruh
Germany: A ber Supports A mun
Germany: A bur - mar Bounced with mar (1 against 1).
Germany: A hol Holds
Germany: A kie - den
Germany: A mun Holds
Germany: F swe Supports F nth - nwy Support cut by Move from Gulf of Bothnia.

Italy: F lyo - spa/sc Bounced with por (1 against 1).
Italy: A mar Supports F lyo - spa Support cut by Move from Burgundy.
Italy: F rom - tys
Italy: F smy Holds
Italy: A tun Holds
Italy: A ven - pie

Russia: F ank Supports A con Support failed. Move orders must be supported explicitly.
Russia: F bot - swe Bounced with swe (1 against 1).
Russia: A rum - gal
Russia: A sev - mos
Russia: A stp - nwy Bounced with nth (1 against 1).
Russia: A war - pru

Turkey: A con - smy Bounced with smy (2 against 2).
Turkey: A syr Supports A con - smy

Next Deadline:
Fall 1904 deadline is Tuesday, September 6th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)

Battle On!