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Post 10 Aug 2011, 4:25 am

RG2-Cross Keys Fall 1902

Orders As Submitted:
GM: Roadkill315, roadkill315.diplomacy [at] gmail [dot] com
Press: "We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it." —Marge Simpson

Austria: Archduke Russell John, ArchducRJ1 [at] aol [dot] com
F Gre to Aeg
A Ser to Gre
A Bud to Ser
A Vie to Bud
A Tyr to Vie

England: Danivon, diplomacy [at] danivon [dot] com
Fleet Norway support Fleet North Sea
Fleet North Sea support (German) Army Holland to Belgium
Fleet English Channel convoy Army Wales to Brest
Army Wales to Brest

France: Theodorelogan, diplomacy6881 [at] gmail [dot] com
Bel S Bur
Bur S Bel

Germany: debergerac88, debergerac88 [at] gmail [dot] com
f denmark holds
a holland to belgium
a ruhr to burgundy
a berlin supports a munich
a munich supports a ruhr to burgundy

Italy: heritikyl, wewtage [at] gmail. [dot] com
F Eas - Aeg
F Tys - Lyo
A Ven H
A Tun H

Russia: Ray Jay, montej29 [at] comcast [dot] net
F Sevastopol supports A Rumania
A Ukraine supports A Rumania
A Rumania supports A Budapest to Serbia
F Bothnia to Sweden
A Moscow to St Petersburg

Turkey: Chancellor William, dvw [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] sg
A Smyrna->Constantinople
F Black Sea support Constantinople->Bulgaria
A Constantinople -> Bulgaria
A Bulgaria -> Serbia

Orders As Adjudicated:
Austria: A bud - ser Failed; self-dislodgement prohibited.
Austria: F gre - aeg Bounced with eas (1 against 1).
Austria: A ser - gre Failed because Austria: F gre - aeg failed.
Austria: A tyr - vie Failed because Austria: A vie - bud failed.
Austria: A vie - bud Failed because Austria: A bud - ser failed.

England: F eng Convoys A wal - bre
England: F nth Supports A hol - bel
England: F nwy Supports F nth
England: A wal - bre Convoy path taken: wal-eng-bre.

France: F bel Supports A bur Support cut by Move from Holland. Dislodged from hol (2 against 1).
France: A boh – sil
France: A bur Supports F bel Support cut by Move from Ruhr. Dislodged from ruh (2 against 1).

Germany: A ber Supports A mun
Germany: F den Holds
Germany: A hol – bel
Germany: A mun Supports A ruh – bur
Germany: A ruh – bur

Italy: F eas – aeg Bounced with gre (1 against 1).
Italy: A tun Holds
Italy: F tys – lyo
Italy: A ven Holds

Russia: F bot – swe
Russia: A mos – stp
Russia: A rum Supports A bud – ser
Russia: F sev Supports A rum
Russia: A ukr Supports A rum

Turkey: F bla Supports A con – bul
Turkey: A bul – ser Bounced with bud (1 against 1).
Turkey: A con – bul Failed because Turkey: A bul - ser failed.
Turkey: A smy – con Failed because Turkey: A con - bul failed.

Retreats Required:
France: Fleet Belgium, Army Burgundy

Adjustments Required:
Austria: 5 supply centers, 5 units. No units to build or remove.
England: 5 supply centers, 4 units. 1 unit may be built.
France: 2 supply centers, 3 units. 1 unit must be removed (assuming no retreats are not otb).
Germany: 6 supply centers, 5 units. 1 unit may be built.
Italy: 4 supply centers, 4 units. No units to build or remove.
Russia: 6 supply centers, 5 units. 1 unit may be built.
Turkey: 4 supply centers, 4 units. No units to build or remove.

Next Deadline:
Autumn 1902 deadline is Thursday, August 11th @ 6:25 a.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)
Winter 1902 deadline is Friday, August 11th @ 6:25 a.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)
Spring 1903 deadline is Tuesday, August 16th @ 4 p.m. CDT/Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5 hr)

Battle On!
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Post 10 Aug 2011, 12:21 pm

Austria is Red
Italy is Green
Why do you think
They bounced in Aegean?