First of all I would thank Brian for a excellent job of gming.I thankless job but without guys like him our site would never be the same ....Thanks.

As for the game

I found this game to be somewhat boring.I really never talked with anyone but Garth of Russia.I had sent in a request to Germany in the beginning and never recieved a reply ....more than once I tried to open talks but again ne a reply.
So I then opened talks with France A responce sayig he was in and from then on he would send in whatever I requested with little to no responce on anything I asked.
I had kept open talks with Austria but was never in any real position to help him
Near the end I was discussing things with Paul but it seemed to me there was never any real effort to do anything about anything....

Althought I do believe that if I had of taken up the sword and stabbed France and there were plenty of opputurnites to do so I could of easily finished at 14-16 but again this game was just a passing of time and I accomplished what I set out to do which was to work with France to hopefully quilifty us both for the final 28....But I could of done so much more

I do not blame anybody for what I consider a boring game just myself for allowing it to be so

all the best