8.14 NRR (No retreat orders received)

If a player does not send in retreat orders (NRR), the retreating unit will be disbanded (retreated off the board or OTB). There is no point penalty associated for this.

Italian F Wes retreats to Tunis

Turkish F Aeg No Retreat was Received (NRR)... therefore, according to rule 8.14 cited above, the unit is disbanded.

I am very sorry about this. If it were not a tournament game, I would automatically retreat the unit but I am bound by the tournament rules.

The next phase for Chancellorsville will be Fall 1903:

The deadline for Fall 1903 will Tuesday the 23rd of August at 8-00 pm AEST.

8-00 pm in Melbourne
6-00 am in New York
3-00 am in Los Angeles
5-00 am in Chicago
11-00 am in London