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Post 13 Dec 2011, 6:56 am

I'm going to keep this short since my part in the game was also quite short.

The game started and I suggest to bobby that we get the old juggernaut going. He agreed, and we agreed to DMZ the Black Sea. I felt out George by asking him for a relatively bogus division of the balkans, asking for Greece while he would get Rumania. I knew that any real Austria would want Greece, and I knew he was coming for me when he agreed to that.

The first season went by and I saw that Orange had gotten Italy involved in attacking Austria at the last minute without telling me. This was not something I wanted, and immediately resolved myself to stab him at the first possible opportunity. I asked George at this point if he would support me into Rumania, telling him that I knew for a guarantee the move would succeed. He was not game for this unfortunately. I should've done a better job of building trust with him at this point, it's a shame too. Russia misordered moving Fleet Rum back to Sev instead of to the black sea, which means if we had moved on him I would've gained the black sea instead of just bouncing. I also sent Bobby a rather rude note about how could he misorder, I was under a lot of stress at the time and I apologize for that Bobby it's uncharacteristic of me.

So at that point I thought that Bobby's misorder was on purpose and therefore resolved myself even further to stab him. I had a number of lengthy discussions with lingfish about the possibility of a Turkish/Italian alliance and I truly believe that we could have made it work. That is why I built that odd army when normally a Turk would build a fleet. The key to my stab was to get russia to disband his fleet, and then he would be at my mercy. Unfortunately, at the point where we had agreed to do this is when he stabbed me. That's the mark of a good player, and kudos to him for a very well played game.

George, it's a shame that you seemed to have your mind made up about attacking me before the game even started and that is the one thing you accomplished even though you lost all of your home centers. However, I'm not in a position to question your strategy considering you survived and I did not.

I had no computer for much of this game and that really hurt me, I wish I would have written france and told him my plans of stabbing Russia I could've convinced him to not go along with the Western Triple. therefore I don't think bobby would've felt the need to stab me. However this is all conjecture, I certainly didn't play the best of games and I hope I don't come off as bitter in all this. I did not have much experience with Turkey and this was a good learning experience. Hopefully I can actually place well in the next Redscape Games, my record has been abysmal in the first two :).

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Post 13 Dec 2011, 9:10 pm


Good read - thanks for sharing your thoughts. Interesting to hear that you were annoyed by my early cooperation with Italy, and that you were looking to move on me. I hadn't considered that possibility!

As for the misorder/E-mail...water under the bridge as far as I am concerned. I only mentioned it in my EOG to provide my perspective. I look forward to sharing a board with you in the future.